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The Supercade plays 50 of the most famous classic arcade games.


$149 Shipping

The Supercade has 50 of the all time best classic games ever played in the arcade. It uses the original programming to get the sound, color and gaming action that made these the best games of their era. The cabinet is commercial quality, furniture grade with real arcade graphics and stands over 5’ tall. The controls, including a joystick, trac ball and play buttons, are all commercial arcade quality for hard play. Even the coin door is real, but it has been permanently deactivated so you can play for free! Plus, the VGA color monitor gives excellent clarity to game play, and it measures 19” for a realistic size. Each game is explained by an exclusive visual tutorial so play is easy to understand. 50 Legendary arcade games, including:

  • Alpine Ski™(1982, Taito)
  • Anteater™(1982, Stern)
  • Arkanoid®(1986, Taito)
  • Arkanoid 2® (1988, Taito)
  • Armored Car™(1981, Stern)
  • Asteroids®(1979, Atari)
  • Asteroids Delux®(1980, Atari)
  • Atari Basketball®(1979, Atari)
  • Battlezone®(1980, Atari)
  • Berzerk™(1980, Stern)
  • Black Widow™(1982, Atari)
  • Calipso™(1982, Stern)
  • Centipede®(1980, Atari)
  • Chack ‘n Pop™(1983, Taito)
  • Cloak & Dagger®(1983, Atari)
  • Crystal Castles™(1983, Atari)
  • Elevator Action®(1983, Taito)
  • Food Fight™(1983, Atari)
  • Frenzy™(1982, Stern)
  • Gravitar®(1982, Atari)
  • Jungle Hunt™(1982, Taito)
  • Kram®(1982, Taito)
  • Liberator™(1982, Atari)
  • Lost Tomb®(1983, Stern)
  • Lunar Lander®(1979, Atari)
  • Lunar Rescue™(1979, Taito)
  • Millipede®(1982, Atari)
  • Minefield™(1983, Stern)
  • Missle Command®(1980, Atari)
  • Moon Patrol™(1982, Irem)
  • Moon War™(1981, Stern)
  • Pirate Pete™(1982, Taito)
  • Plump Pop™(1987, Taito)
  • Pong™(1972, Atari)
  • Qix®(1981, Taito)
  • Red Baron™(1980, Atari)
  • Rescue™(1982, Stern)
  • Skydiver™(1978, Atari)
  • Space Dual™(1982, Atari)
  • Space Invaders®(1978, Taito)
  • Speed Coin™(1984, Stern)
  • Super Breakout®(1978, Atari)
  • Super Qix®(1987, Taito)
  • Taz Mania™(1982, Stern)
  • Tempest™(1980, Atari)
  • Tournament Arkanoid™(1987, Taito)
  • Video Pinball®(1978, Atari)
  • Warlords®(1980, Atari)
  • Water Ski™(1983, Taito)
  • Zoo Keeper™(1982, Taito)
  • Specifications

  • Supercade is a real arcade game
  • Made in the USA by one of the largest manufacturers of arcade games
  • Plays 50 classic arcade games like Centipede, Space Invaders & Asteroids
  • All the games are among the best known games of all time
  • Original programming quality gives the play action, sound & color that made these the most played games of their era
  • Commercial quality graphics are applied to a furniture quality cabinet that is full-size
  • Joy stick, trac ball and play buttons are all arcade quality for real play
  • Even a real coin door that's deactivated so you play for free
  • 19" VGA color monitor gives clear crisp clarity to important game details
  • Play of each game is explained with an exclusive visual tutorial
  • Supercade is for home use only
  • Built in casters
  • UL approved
  • Commercial quality plug
  • Product is completely assembled
  • Cabinet measures 63.5" H x 24" W x 30" D
  • Weight: 270 lbs.

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    63.5"H x 24"W x 30"D

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    USA And Imported


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