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What are some varieties of computer software
that are available to consumers?

Antivirus software

Antivirus software, which is a necessity in order to keep your computer running smoothly and safe from detrimental viruses, is available. Some consumers are wary about adding more software to their computer because they believe it may introduce an added nuisance, yet antivirus software runs in a non-obtrusive manner while you scan the Web, play video games, or shop at your favorite online stores.


Internet security software keeps threats away from interfering with your computer. One of the worst things that can happen to your computer is it getting a virus; such instances can dramatically affect computer speed, memory, and may ultimately cause your computer to crash.

Business and home office software

Business and home office software is also available. Such programs that come with business and home office software are word processor, spreadsheet, and other business-related tools, which can help with presentations, reports, and maintaining contacts. Most offices and home professionals cannot conduct business without some form of office software because it has become such an ingrained part of the business world.


Windows has become an inescapable part of being a PC user. Windows allows PC users to share and edit photos; play, listen, and share music; play, watch, and rewind video clips and television programs; and a whole lot more! Microsoft gradually issues current and advanced versions of their Windows computer software.


A huge portion of computer users can be labeled as 'gamers'. Many software games are available for computers and new ones are issued all of the time. Software games are available for people of all ages; the manufacturers usually attach a label indicating the appropriate age level of each game.