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      With brilliant on-trend colors to choose from, this premium wool accent rug will complement any kitchen or hallway.

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  • Quest Haley Rug

    Item  #: 764652 |Model #: 4366RUG
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      The Quest Haley Rug is a great balance of form and function and is an ideal addition to your decor.
    $181.72 Buy now
  • Altitude Shag Rug - 23" x 36" - Various Colors

    Item  #: 333992 |Model #: SAALT
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      A soft pile shag rug with silky tufts. Available in multiple colors while supplies last.

    $16.98 See options Free Shipping
  • Plush Textured Rug, Various Colors

    Item  #: 748740 |Model #: MSRS300-SET45
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      With artfully hand-tufted plush and sumptuous texture, this high-quality wool accent rug will brighten up any area.

    $19.88 See options Free Shipping
  • Engraved Area Rug - Pewter

    Item  #: 323016 |Model #: 11771482096132
    $89.98 See options
  • Kid's Spot Rug (46" x 52"), Various Prints

    Item  #: 124529 |Model #: 81366
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      Kid's rug in a variety of styles to complete the look of any kid's room.

  • 100% Genuine Sheepskin Rug - 70" x 23"

    Item  #: 237333 |Model #: LWPD180
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      Our 100% sheepskin rug will add beautiful texture, comfort and luxury to any room.
    $69.88 Buy now
  • 100% Genuine Sheepskin Rug - 70" x 44"

    Item  #: 237286 |Model #: LWPQ180
    + More details
      Our 100% sheepskin rug will add beautiful texture, comfort, and luxury to any room.
    $128.24 Buy now
  • 5' x 7' Kid's Rug - Various Colors

    Item  #: 281816 |Model #: 00765206812764
    + More details

      This bright and fun 5' x 7' kid's rug is great for any room.

    $79.98 See options
  • Candid Zig Zag Area Rug - Dusk

    Item  #: 342454 |Model #: 11690512060084
    $41.28 See options
  • Bamboo Rug - Contemporary Chocolate - 5' x 8'

    Item  #: 7884 |Model #: AMB0031-0058
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      Own the finest bamboo rug available!
    $97.98 Buy now
  • Serengeti Cowhide

    Item  #: 463745 |Model #: COHS213A-5
    $17.91 See options
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Results  119 of  19 Page 1  of  1

What factors should I consider when purchasing a rug?


Consider your desired rug shape and size before looking at selections. Most common sizes start at 2’x3’ and go up to 8’x10’ or larger. You can get an idea by measuring the room you would like to decorate and then measuring the space you want to adorn with a rug. Some people choose to use newspapers in order to get a preliminary view of how a candidate space will look once covered over. Most rugs come in square, rectangle, round, oval, octagon, or runner shapes.


If you’re searching for a rug to complement a dining room table amidst a hardwood floor, then consider getting a rug large enough so that the legs of chairs are not half on the rug and half on the floor during dining - such a difference can lead to an awkward seating position. Of course, this is also true for chairs and couches present in a family or living room.



Many people purchase rugs to enhance a room and/or to complement present colors within. Compatibility and contrast of colors is completely up to you. It is suggested to look through magazines and watch interior design television programs to get ideas. Ultimately, choose colors that please and satisfy you – it is your living space.


Different patterns can make colors appear more vivid or secondary depending on pattern shapes. Many people like to consider the shapes present in the proposed room while browsing rug selections.



“Pattern” can mean different things to different people, but it is thought of in this context as the lines which define shapes on a specific rug. At present, the rug industry recognizes three, general types of patterns: curvilinear (has curving lines), geometric (has vertical and horizontal lines), and pictorial (features pictures of objects).


As with a rug’s color, choose patterns that please you. Some decide to go conventional and have patterns match that of other elements in a room. Alternatively, some choose to drastically contrast a room’s décor by selecting an unconventional design. That is the beauty of rugs; they are small enough as to not take precedence over a room, yet varieties offer the ability to really enhance a room’s appearance.



Style can be discussed in different regards, but in this context, it is referred to as the combination of a rug’s pattern, color, and like and/or contrasting elements. This is the portion of the rug purchase that is most in your hands. Choose a style that reflects your personality or that of the room you wish to decorate.


Designated styles can be contemporary, traditional, reflective of a season, or feature a motif (such as food, the ocean, a country house, etc.)



Design can refer to how colors and patterns are composed within the rug to make a visual effect. Designs can be very intricate, simple, solid, accentuate borders, or combine many elements for effect.


The rug industry recognizes three, general designs: one-sided (design favors just one side), medallion (the center becomes the main focal point and design flows from there), or all-over (there is no necessary rhyme or reason and design encompasses the entire area of the rug).


Aren’t there different types of rugs such as Persian, Native American, Indian, etc.?

Yes, rugs are often classified in terms of place of origin, yet it is suggested to let your eyes and intuition choose a rug rather than focusing on a particular “type” of rug. Search through magazines and watch television programs to get a better sense of places of origin, yet it can get complicated to focus on names because different places also host different sub-sets of rugs. This is why it is suggested to let your eyes and personal sense of style do the shopping for you.


Do you have rug sets?

Yes, we do have rug sets. Many people like the idea of establishing a motif or union of elements within a particular room. Because rugs can contrast so much, it may be hard to find an exact match in different sizes, so rug sets are perfect for this purpose. Rug sets usually feature a major rug piece supplemented with one or more runners.