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Aroma Professional 16-Cup Digital Rice Cooker with Clear View Top
Aroma Professional 16-Cup Digital Rice Cooker with Clear View Top
Item #:  887689 | Model #: ARC-1208SB
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Rice Cooker Buying Info

Rice is an integral part of many dishes, tastes great, and is healthy for you. Choose among our variety of quality rice cookers and food steamers to be on your way to a convenient and healthy style of cooking!

  • Cooking rice can be easy and convenient. Have rice prepared in under thirty minutes, or you can program your rice cooker to maintain your rice or other foods until you’re ready for eating.

  • A rice cooker does more than just cook rice. You can steam vegetables in it as well, increasing your range of cooking options. Rice cookers ensure that the food is prepared in a highly delectable fashion with each use.

  • Whether you’re cooking white, jasmine, basmati, brown, or another variety of rice, you can prepare it to perfection every time. The food steamer will ensure it is neither too hard nor too soft. As long as you pay close attention to the instructions, you will cook food perfectly each time.

  • Many people enjoy the option of having the cooker prepare their foods while they’re performing other tasks. You don’t even have to be in the kitchen while the food is prepared. In addition, many models have a warming option, so the food is kept warm until you’re ready to dine.

  • Rice cookers come in different sizes ranging from those that can address only a few cups of rice to those that can prepare twenty cups or more. Food steamers are great items for anyone -- those who live alone or those preparing food for a large family. You’ll soon find that your new food steamer is a kitchen tool you won’t be able to do without!

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