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Retail Pricing Supplies

The pricing guns at Sam’s Club are easy to use and extremely efficient. With these pricing guns, you or your employees can accurately mark items with price tags very quickly. In addition, these pricing guns can hold up to 2,500 labels so your time is spent pricing instead of reloading. The patented inking system is pre-loaded so you don’t need to worry about messy ink. Also, rolls of white and red stickers are included with the pricing guns for marking regular priced and reduced priced items. Sam’s Club sells refill rolls for the stickers so you can always have plenty on hand when you need them.

For businesses that need to put price tags on clothing and other fabric items, Sam’s Club carries pricing guns that attach plastic price tag fasteners to fabric. These pricing guns are easy to use and can hold up to one hundred plastic fasteners at a time making pricing your merchandise simple and fast for you and your employees. Packages of extra plastic tag fasteners are also available at low prices so you can stock up.

Pricing your merchandise quickly and correctly is very important to the business’ success. The helpful sales staff at Sam’s Club will help you find the right pricing guns and refills that suit your needs. When you shop at Sam’s Club for your pricing guns and other supplies, you will save money while helping your business improve its productivity and profits. Stock up today.

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