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How to Choose the Right Portable DVD Player

As with any electronic device, the portable DVD player that’s right for you will need to be right for the way in which you’ll use it. Think about how you’ll most often be watching movies on your player. Will size and portability be of primary importance or are you more concerned with battery life, for example? We’ll take you through a few of the things to consider as you’re choosing which portable DVD player is perfect for you.

Portable DVD Player Size

Portability is a key feature of this type of player, so one of the first things you’ll want to learn about any specific model is its size and weight. Will it be easy for you to carry it where you want to go? The size of any given portable player is dependent on a number of factors. This includes the size of the player’s screen and whether the player has a built-in battery. A player with a larger screen size makes for better viewing, but it will also make the player more bulky, so consider whether it’s size or viewing ease that’s more important to you. Players with smaller screens will be more compact and will also tend to consume less battery power.

Battery Life

Especially if you are planning to use your portable DVD player while traveling, battery life is an important consideration. When you’re on the road or in an airport, getting access to a power outlet can be difficult. To determine if a player will provide the battery life you need, look for information about the player’s typical amount of playback time on a single battery charge. Most DVD players have integrated batteries that can be recharged with a plug. Typically, a DVD movie lasts for about two to three hours, so you might want to look for a portable player that offers at least that much playback time.

Disc Regions and Formats

Consider the region of the DVD discs you plan to play on your portable DVD player. Make sure you choose a player that is compatible with that region; some players can support multiple regions, if that is a feature you need. It’s also important to check if the DVD player can support multiple formats such as a CD or DVD-RW, so that you can watch or listen to any type of DVD or CD while you are traveling.

Sound Considerations

Most portable DVD players have built-in speakers. However, if you’ll be using your player in a crowded environment such as a plane, you’ll want to have the option of using headphones and keeping the sound to yourself. If you anticipate having multiple people watching the player simultaneously, you can select from those DVD players that offer multiple headphone inputs. Alternatively, you can consider adding a pair of wireless speakers as an option. If you’re thinking of wireless speakers, make sure the DVD player will be compatible.

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