Pool Covers & Liners

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About Pool Covers and Pool Liners

If you have an in- or above-ground pool and you’re looking for ways to keep it clean throughout the year, you have come to the right place. At Sam’s Club you’ll find a variety of quality pool covers, pool liners, and other pool accessories that can help you better maintain your pool. We feature pool covers and pool liners made with different types of materials that suit whatever shape and type of pool you have. With Sam’s Club you can select pool covers and liners that meet your budget and requirements.


Pool Covers

The most common types of pool covers are solar, vinyl, automated, and semi-automated pool covers. In addition to keeping the pool free from debris, pool covers also help prevent the pool from losing heat.


Solar pool covers consist of a thick plastic layer that acts as an insulation blanket, helping to retain heat by reflecting light back into the pool. It also helps control evaporation. Using solar pool covers will help you to keep your pool warm without investing in costly heat exchangers or electric heaters, so it can also save you a bundle in heating costs.


Because vinyl pool covers are made with vinyl material, they generally have a longer life expectancy than solar pool covers. Most vinyl pool covers contain ultra-violet light inhibitors. Some vinyl covers consist of a thin layer of flexible insulation that helps reduce solar absorption.


Semi-automatic pool covers use a motor-driven reel system that relies on electricity and manual assistance to roll and unroll the pool cover.


Automatic pool covers are permanently mounted with reels that are mechanically operated by a push of a button. Though these are often a more expensive option, they are also especially durable, safe, reliable, and convenient.


Pool Liners

Pools liners are installed primarily to beautify your pool and keep the water in the pool. There are different types of pool liners: overlap liners, beaded pool liners, and unibead pool liners. Pool liners are available in plastic and vinyl varieties. Vinyl has proved to be a popular choice for pool liners, largely because ultraviolet inhibitors are added to the vinyl mix to help reduce the damage caused by direct sunlight. Most pool liners are durable and highly resilient, able to safeguard your pool from cracking and leaking for quite some time.

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