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Podiums, Speaking Stands, Lecterns & More

Podiums are found everywhere from the school house to the White House. Whenever someone is speaking, they need something to stand behind. Podiums come in all shapes and sizes depending on your needs and Sam’s Club has what you’re looking for.


A basic speaking stand consists of a small table area on a single stand. It is large enough to hold notes or a pen, but not much else. This type of podium is great for smaller spaces or in situations where it won’t be used too often. Its small size makes it easy to store. Table top lecterns are also portable and easy to store; however if you have a bit more space or need something more permanent, stand up podiums are a good option. They provide a more stable base for the speaker and sometimes offer more storage space with shelves or locking doors. Stand up podiums are great for classrooms, conference rooms, and even churches, where someone is regularly standing up to speak. Shelves allow the storage of books, computers or other items regularly needed for presentations.


When a presentation regularly calls for some media support, you’ll need a media stand or podium with a few additional options. 3-shelf stands have plenty of space for a laptop and a projector for multi-media presentations. You can even find podiums with wheels for easy transport from room to room.


From hardwood stand up podiums to portable speaking stands, you’ll find the podiums you need today at great prices when you shop Sam’s Club today.