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Pen, Pencils & Markers for all Uses

Whether they are ball point pens, roller ball or retractable pens, we all use pens a thousand times every day. And everyone can relate to the frustration of reaching for a pen that won’t write. Sam’s Club carries all types of pens in packages ranging from two to seventy-two. Making sure you always have extra pens on hand will help to insure that you will not have to hunt for a pen when you need one.


In the same way, having a pencil handy when you need one is also very important. Sometimes, we need to be able to erase so a pen just won’t do the job, like when our children are doing their math homework or we are working on a crossword puzzle! Sam’s Club carries a variety of wooden and mechanical pencils so there will always be a sharp one around. Of all the pens, pencils and markers you need, markers can be the trickiest because there are so many kinds and each one is suited for a particular job. There are times when we all need permanent markers, colored markers and highlighters and so it’s a good idea to make sure that you stock up on all of them.


Sam’s Club is the perfect place to go to find a great selection of pens, pencils and markers at great prices and you will always be sure that your drawers will be fully stocked and ready for any job.