Preparing for your tire purchase.

Taking steps before you make the trip to buy tires will not only leave you more informed, but you’ll probably save some time, too.

1. Know your tire size

There are a couple ways to find out the size of your tires. If your vehicle still has the original tires from purchase date, you can find the tire size information in your owner’s manual or on the tire placard located on the driver’s door jamb, glove compartment door or inside the fuel hatch.

When replacing tires on your vehicle always meet or exceed the load and speedrating recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

You can also read the sidewall of your tire to determine its size. Just write down the following measurements and take the information to your Sam's Club Tire and Battery Center. Here’s what to look for:

tire description

2. Know your tire type

snow tire

When your Sam's Club Tire and Battery Center Associate asks you what type of tire you’re looking for, it will help to determine what type of driving you do, and in what conditions. So think about the performance criteria you would prefer in a tire. Are you looking for all-season or winter tires? Do you want wet traction tires or are you more concerned with corner capabilities on dry roads? When you establish what you need in a tire, your retailer will be able to suggest the best option for you.

3. Receive your warranty and DOT Registration card


Once you arrive at the retailer to purchase your tires, you should receive a tire warranty booklet as well as a Department of Transportation (DOT) registration card. Your warranty will also include helpful and important information about tire care and maintenance.

4. Know where to have tires installed


If you’re replacing two tires instead of all four, insist they be installed on the rear axle. Since new tires grip the road better, it will help reduce the potential for your vehicle to fishtail or hydroplane in wet conditions if the new tires are mounted on the rear.