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Members Mark Marques de Paiva Organic Medium Roast

Member’s Mark Marques de Paiva® Organic Medium Roast

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This product takes a step by being certified organic.
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Doing our part

We look for ways to reduce waste from the food supply chain and offer organic food, coffee and apparel. We also support responsible farming in countries such as Brazil where farmers grow the beans used in our Member’s Mark® by Marques de Paiva® certified organic, Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance coffees.

Did you know?

Our Member’s Mark® gourmet coffees come from the Marques de Paiva family and use 100% organic Arabica beans.

Member‘s restaurant serves organic coffee

Chef with Cup of Coffee

Denise O‘Donnell believes organic food is the secret to a healthy mind, body and spirit. Owner of Café Origins in Philadelphia, Denise pairs her classic Italian family recipes and daily specials with Member's Mark® by Marques de Paiva® whole bean organic coffee. She buys the coffee and fresh produce from Sam’s Club and uses organic products to promote healthy living.

A great product gets even better!

Member‘s Mark® Shrimp - sustainably harvested seafood with superior flavor

Best Aquaculture* Practices: Sustainability and Traceability

Scientific studies have established that there is not enough wild shrimp to satisfy the world demand for this popular crustacean. The fact is, without shrimp farming we would quickly deplete the ocean‘s supply. Therefore, the only responsible solution to keeping shrimp on your table is the development of certified, sustainable aquaculture. In support of that, Sam‘s Club® decided to take a proactive role and use its international influence to make a difference in the way Member‘s Mark shrimp is farmed.

Sam‘s Club buys its Member‘s Mark shrimp from Rubicon Resources, who takes responsibility for the product from the pond to the plate. Rubicon Resources is integrated with the farms and facilities where the shrimp are processed, packaged and stored. They also handle the shipment of their pristine product directly into Sam‘s Club distribution centers. In this way, Sam‘s Club can ensure the wholesomeness and sustainability of this sensitive product at every step.

Today, 100 percent of Member‘s Mark shrimp are being grown in farms in Thailand that meet or exceed the stringent standards of responsible farming, sustainability and fair employee conditions established by the Global Aquaculture Alliance. Sam‘s Club will only purchase shrimp from facilities that meet or exceed these eco-friendly and fair trade standards.

It is also important to know that the farms and production facilities producing shrimp for Member‘s Mark employ more than 25,000 people in Thailand and India. These are coveted careers providing good wages, career incentives, education opportunities and medical care.

The Sam‘s Club seafood buyer typically visits the ponds and packaging facilities in Thailand and India twice each year to conduct a firsthand inspection. As seafood buyer Dan Kallesen said, “We are always looking at quality, sanitation and production standards, and we want to make sure that we solidify our partnership with the folks actually handling the shrimp. It is important to let our partners in Asia know that we are committed to their business doing well, and it‘s great to have the opportunity to say ’thank you‘ in person.”

In addition to using their buying savvy to ensure that Member‘s Mark shrimp is a responsible, sustainably harvested product, Sam‘s Club negotiates for the very best prices, too. From the impressive Colossal size to the tender, little Salad shrimp, the Club‘s many varieties of this popular shellfish are an unbeatable value.

*Aquaculture: The raising of aquatic plants and animals in a controlled fresh or salt-water environment.

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Health benefits of member‘s mark® shrimp

  • Member‘s Mark shrimp are naturally raised without preservatives, and free of hormones and antibiotics.
  • Member‘s Mark shrimp are naturally low in calories; one 4-ounce serving (boiled or broiled) has just 112 calories, zero grams of fat and no carbohydrates.
  • Consuming Member‘s Mark shrimp raises “good cholesterol” (HDL) which decreases levels of “bad cholesterol” (LDL) in the bloodstream.
  • Member‘s Mark shrimp are high in super-healthy

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