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Liquid Detergent

Member’s Mark 2x Liquid Detergent

Cleans 110 loads of laundry.

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This product takes a step by reducing waste.
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Tips in Action

Want to cut down on waste? Check out these sumer tips articles:

Doing our part

We’re working with suppliers to reduce the size of packaging and are asking suppliers to use renewable and recyclable materials. As of April 2008, Sam‘s Club only carries laundry detergent in concentrated form to reduce packaging waste.

Did you know?

Recycling 35% of Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart’s trash would save enough energy to fuel 6 million homes and reduce the equivalent of 36 million cars worth of greenhouse gas emissions annually.
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Inn goes green

Inn Goes Green

Highland Lake Inn, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, does its part to go green. One way is by using plates and ceramic cups at the banquets they host, rather than disposable products. Lisa Keeter, the Inn’s marketing representative, says the Inn also reduces waste by purchasing restaurant supplies in bulk from Sam’s Club.

Save green by going green. Sam‘s Club® helps you cut costs while reducing waste.


What about those aluminum beverage and vegetable cans? This represents one of the most successful recycling efforts, though Americans can still do much better to protect our environment. The U.S. EPA reports that we recycle about half of all aluminum cans, which saves many tons of energy, preventing emissions of greenhouse gases. Manufacturers can conserve 90 percent of their energy when they use recycled cans instead of making new ones.


Why is recycling important? Recycling glass saves 70 percent in raw materials and 50 percent in energy over creating new bottles. And recycled glass can be back on the shelf just one month after you put it in your recycling bin.


Americans use 100 million tons of paper each year—it takes 20 trees for each single ton of virgin paper. About half of that paper is recycled. Saving trees by recycling paper is important because trees help to cool our buildings and the earth with their shade and by moving the wind, and they help neutralize the harmful effects of greenhouse gases by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. Most of our municipal waste managers accept these materials for recycling and provide special bins for curbside or local collection. But there‘s even more we can do at home to make our personal waste stream more sustainable and to cut down our own contribution to global warming by reducing our carbon footprint.


Want to integrate sustainable living into your everyday routine? Instead of tossing away our dinner scraps in the trash or down the garbage disposal, we can save them and add them to the soil in our yards. All plant materials break down and turn back into soil over time. So, we can create our own natural fertilizer by putting vegetable scraps, coffee grounds and eggshells into a countertop composter like the NatureMill offered at Sam‘s Club. Compost mulch provides a rich fertilizer to nourish your flowers, fruit and other trees and garden plants. Made from recycled plastic, the composter diverts more than two tons of waste from landfills over its lifespan, reducing emissions of methane, a greenhouse gas produced by landfills.

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