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Raising EcoKids

Seven ways to bring environmental awareness to kids

1 Collect recyclables and turn them into art.

Here‘s a fun and creative way to be eco-friendly. A paper towel or toilet paper roll, filled with beans and taped or stapled on the ends, makes a great musical shaker. Decorate with markers or paint for a unique look. A milk container can be made into a birdfeeder with a few cuts with the scissors. Don‘t forget – once you start feeding the birds, you need to keep doing it.

2 Make sprouts.

Purchase alfalfa seeds (or sunflower seeds for a little spice) and sprout them. Place seeds in a glass jar and moisten with water. Rinse the seeds with water each day and shake up the jar. After seven days, you should have a jar full of delicious sprouts.

3 Participate in local cleanup days.

Many communities sponsor such activities to coincide with Earth Day. Look for events at local parks, beaches and recreation areas.

4 Visit your local garbage/recycling center.

It is amazing to see how big the mountain of garbage is, and also how many recycled items do not get reused. Talk to your children about reuse, why recycling is important and practice reusing at home.

5 Bury some trash in the backyard.

Check back on it in a week or two. See what happens. Notice what decomposes and what doesn‘t. If you want to continue this experiment, start a compost heap with your vegetable discards; then use it to help your garden grow.

6 Dig in the dirt—feel the mud between your toes.

Plant native plants in your garden with your children, or participate in your local community garden. Use the compost you made to nourish your soil. It‘s an easy way to address some of our serious environmental issues.


Spend time in nature with your children. Take a walk or a hike up a mountain, play on the beach or stroll in your local park. Wherever you go, look for signs of the season, notice the local flora and fauna, breathe deeply, and wonder at this amazingly beautiful world that we get to be a part of.

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