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Please Note: Roses are packed 25 stems per bunch. The wrap spiraling around the roses (“spiral wrap”) conceals half of the roses. Remove the spiral wrap to see the second layer of roses. (see Figure 1 & 2)

Figure 1

Figure 2

Before arrival:
•  Start with a clean sanitized vase or display bucket.
•  Add the correct amount of flower food with cool tap water.

Upon arrival:
•  Unpack flowers immediately.
•  Keep the spiral wrap on for 2 hours as the roses hydrate. This keeps the necks of the roses straight.
•  Once the 2 hour time has passed, remove “Spiral Wrap” surrounding the roses. (Hint: The spiral wrap will be held together by tape or staples. Pull the sleeve at the point of the staples OR cut the tape to release the wrap.)
•  Remove all leaves that fall below water line to maintain cleanliness of the water.
•  Make a “clean” cut about ½ inches off the end of each stem with cleaned and sanitized clippers or knife under water. (NEVER use scissors!)
•  Place stems in vase or bucket immediately after cut to ensure proper hydration.
•  Keep flowers at room temperature for 2 hours to “hydrate” (drink) before placing in a cooler, if possible.

•  The outer petals, or “guard petals” are on the rose to protect the bloom. These petals may look green or smaller than the rest of the blooms, or in poor condition but has no effect on the vase life. Remove the guard petals at the base of the bloom. (Hint: To minimize stem breakage, hold the rose stem just below the bloom when removing petals.)
•  Red Roses sometimes have a black edge. This phenomenon occurs in nature due to evening temperatures being cold in contrast with the warm daytime temperatures, and is not considered a quality issue.
•  Remove thorns on the stem, but do not cut into the stem itself. Just the tips are needed to be removed.
•  It is not recommended that you wire the roses.

Maintaining the flower:
•  Place flowers in a cool location out of sunlight and away from heat sources. (Optimally, flowers do best when stored in 34° F - 38° F.)
•  Check water levels often and add water as needed.
•  Do not keep flowers close to fruits and vegetables.
•  Clean the vase, change the water and re-cut the stems every 3 days.

Guard Petals

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