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Please Note: Orchids are packed 10 stems per bunch. A clear plastic sleeve with air holes surrounds the blooms and stems. The stems are enclosed in plastic water tubes.

Before arrival:
•  Start with a clean sanitized vase or display bucket.
•  Add the correct amount of flower food with cool tap water.

Upon arrival:
•  Unpack flowers immediately. Remove any damaged blooms.
•  Remove the plastic sleeve and water tubes and hydrate the orchid blooms by submerging the blooms and stems in a room temperature water bath for 10 - 15 minutes. This process helps the blooms take up water, expand, and restores their pre-packaging full form
•  After the 15 minute hydration period, make a “clean” cut about ½ inches off the end of each stem with cleaned and sanitized clippers or knife under water (NEVER use scissors). The cut must be made at a sharp angle to the body of the stem (not a flat, perpendicular cut across the stem).
•  Place stems in vase or bucket immediately after cut to ensure proper hydration.
•  Keep flowers at room temperature for 2 hours to “hydrate” (drink) before placing in a cooler, if possible.

•  As the orchids age, remove any wilting blooms or buds that are attached or have fallen into the vase. These wilting blooms and buds release ethylene gas, which will cause other blooms to wilt prematurely.
•  Removing the wilting blooms and buds provides more water to reach healthy buds, many of which will then open. This is especially true for Dendrobium and Mokara orchid sprays.
•  It is not recommended that you wire or dye the orchids.

Maintaining the flower:
•  Place flowers in a cool location out of sunlight and away from heat sources. (Optimally, flowers do best when stored between 45° F - 55° F.)
•  Check water levels often and add water as needed.
•  Do not keep flowers close to fruits and vegetables.

When properly unpacked, groomed, and maintained, cut orchid sprays can maintain their freshness and quality appearance for several weeks.

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