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Dryer Buying Tips

What size dryer do you desire? Full-sized dryers are great if you have the room for them. Full-sized machines come with a wider dry drum. These machines are optimal for larger families. Compact dryers are also available. Compact dryers may be better for smaller families or couples. In addition, compact dryers work well if you do not have a lot of space to work with. Many people with apartments or townhouses purchase compact washing machines and compact dryers.

In relation to space, front-load dryers can be space efficient due to the location of the dryer door. Rather than the clothes being deposited at the top of the machine, front-load dryers allow the user to insert the clothes at the side of the machine, requiring less space.

Energy source also warrants attention. Gas dryers may be less impactful on your energy bill, yet require an established gas line in your home. For a larger family needing to do a high number of loads, a gas dryer may be a good purchase decision.

Electric dryers may cost less. Energy usage will vary regarding electric dryers depending on the level of operation. As with gas dryers, electric dryers warrant proper ventilation to the outside of the house.

The performance level of your dryer needs consideration. A high-powered dryer will dry clothes faster but may use more energy, while a lower-powered dryer will take longer and energy will still be used accordingly. Try to find a good median between a dryer with great performance and energy efficiency.

Varying makes and models offer different features. More features will mean that you can adjust the dryer to accommodate different fabrics and varying degrees of wetness – both options can save energy and time. In addition, some dryers have wrinkle-free settings, which will save you time on ironing clothes.

Dryer lint filter position can vary depending on the model. Some positions may be more difficult to get to than others. This may be a point of interest to some. In addition, some dryers do not come with a light. Lights will help you assess the dryness of the clothes. Furthermore, some dryers are louder than others. Depending on where the dryer is situated in the home, it may be optimal to decide on a quieter machine.

Extended warranties are always a good choice. For higher-end models, extended warranties will ensure your dryer will service you for a long time to come and your money was well spent.
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