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Take high quality photos with a new Digital SLR Camera. DSLR Cameras are popular with consumers because of their speed and accuracy. Sam's Club offers a variety of name brand Digital SLR Cameras and SLR Camera bodies from leading manufacturers like Nikon, Canon, Olympus, and Pentax.

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- SLR cameras have a reflex viewfinder. In addition, some of these digital cameras have a 'live view' feature. The SLR camera's focus sees through the lens so it is easy to determine how the picture will develop.

- SLR camera lenses are zoomed and manually focused by the user's hand. This creates a better experience in comparison to using an electronic zoom. In addition, digital SLR cameras have full manual controls and manual focusing. This allows for a very exact and very controlled usage experience.

- The battery life of a digital SLR is considerably superior to those of fixed-lens cameras.

- The appearance of images is closely related to the choice of lens, and the quality of images produced is of very high quality.

- SLR cameras can manipulate a wider range of images in comparison to fixed-lens cameras.

- Digital SLRs are celebrated for their speed. These digital models can focus faster and shoot faster in comparison to fixed-lens cameras.

- SLRs can take precise shots when their target is in motion. This makes them great tools to use during fashion shoots and sports photography. Digital SLRs can take more shots at a constant speed, increasing the chance of capturing a precise moment.

- An SLR camera offers a lens for just about any occasion. The supply of lenses provides opportunities to shoot landscapes, action, miniscule details, and more!
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