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Sam's Club offers a variety of safety certified, stylish car seats for your baby or child. Life only gets more exciting with new additions to the family, and it is important to choose the right infant car seat for your infant or toddler. Follow the links on the right for more information and buying tips on child car seats. As always, we offer our Members quality products at great prices exclusive only to you!

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Is car seat safety contingent on the price?

Car seats made in America must pass tests ensuring safety standards. Manufacturers' models will vary (such as the Safety 1st Summet Booster Car Seat Proton model and the Safety 1st Triton infant car seat model) causing different price ranges, yet the level of safety each car seat delivers does not vary – they are all safe when installed correctly.
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What is the difference between an infant car seat and a baby booster seat?

The difference depends on the baby's optimal age range. In general, infant car seats are engineered for babies less than one-year old and less than about 25 pounds. Experts suggest babies be placed in a rear-facing position at this age and weight to ensure maximum safety.

Toddler car seats are for older children (usually exceeding one year and 25 pounds) and offer the same safety standards.
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What is a convertible car seat?

Convertible infant car seats have the ability to be used facing forward or backwards when set in place. Rear-facing positions can be used until the baby is around one-year old or reaches the weight of about 25 pounds.
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What other factors are important to consider when purchasing a car seat?

Your baby's age and weight need consideration when choosing a car seat. Rear-facing baby seats are used for up to about 25 pounds and until the baby is about one-year old. Convertible car seats are used in a rear-facing position using the same guidelines. The convertible seats can then be used in a forward-facing position until the child exceeds the specific seat's weight limit. When a car seat if rear facing, the baby's head should be at least one inch below the top of the seat, and a child's ears should be below the top of the car seat when the seat is facing the front.

As stated, all infant car seats are safe due to inspection, but they must be installed correctly in order to be effective. It may be a reality that any car seat of your choice will not be compatible with your car due to the differences in car styles. Choose a baby car seat that can be secured tightly, allowing little wiggle room.
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Car Seat Buying Tips

- If you have friends or family members with baby car seats, it may be a good idea to fit your baby in one just to get a sense of a proper fit for your baby when shopping for a seat. In addition, try to fit one into your car to ensure a snug and efficient fit. Manufacturers' models can vary.

- It may be wise to choose a car seat that has detachable pad covers in the event of a stain or spill occurrence. Most pad covers are machine-washable.
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