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Before arrival:
•  Start with a clean sanitized vase or display bucket.
•  Add the correct amount of flower food with cool tap water.

Upon arrival:
•  Unpack flowers immediately.
•  Make a “clean” cut about ½ inches off the end of each stem with cleaned and sanitized clippers or knife under water. (NEVER use scissors!)
•  Place stems in vase or bucket immediately after cut to ensure proper hydration.
•  Keep flowers at room temperature for 2 hours to “hydrate” (drink) before placing in a cooler, if possible.

•  On occasion, cotton is placed inside the bloom to protect it when it is shipped. Remove the cotton.
•  If Callas have a protective covering on the bloom, remove the cover immediately.

Correct way to remove packaging

Incorrect way to remove packaging

Appearance upon arrival

Appearance after ''hydration''