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What should I know before selecting bedding products?

First, you will need to know the size of your bed. Beds come in twin, full, queen, king, and (in some cases) California king sizes. In order for your sheet sets to suit their purpose and to look great as part of your bedroom's design, you will want to buy bedding sets that match the size of your bed.

Some people opt to purchase bed sheets at one size larger than their bed as to acquire 'extra' sheet coverage during sleep. Underlying sheets can be tucked underneath the bed, so it will not aesthetically affect decoration, yet it is advised to purchase bed blankets and comforters to match your bed size for optimal fit and look.
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What comes in a bed set?

The number of pieces will be denoted by the manufacturer. Bed sets most commonly come with two pillow cases, a bed skirt (to be placed directly over the mattress), and a bed sheet (sometimes two sheets). Some bed sets come with a matching comforter and some do not.

In addition, bed sets may come with pillows and extra blankets depending on the manufacturer and set model.
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What does "thread count" mean?

Thread count refers to the actual number of threads per square inch in both directions of the bed sheets weave. Higher-end sheet sets will have an increasingly higher number thread count. It is advised to closely follow washing instructions if you purchase bedding sheets with a very high thread count to maintain their integrity.

Some people believe that a higher thread count denotes 'better' sheet sets. This is not necessarily true- a higher count means that there are more threads used in manufacturing. Yes, it usually does give the bed sheets more of a 'softer' feel, but some people prefer a 'crisper' feel to their sheets.
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What kind material should I choose for my bedding sets?

Different materials will provide a different 'feel' to your sleeping experience. Some materials cost more than others, but as with sheet sets, cost does not necessarily mean a better sleeping experience.

Some of the materials manufacturers use to make sheet sets, blankets, throws, and comforters, are cotton, cotton blends, flannel, silk, and satin. Each fabric has a different feel and any material can provide an excellent sleeping experience depending on the consumer's desire.

Many consumers choose to purchase sheet sets, blankets, etc. of varying compositions to alternate the décor of their rooms and to provide different depths of warmth depending on the season. For instance, flannel sheets are very popular during winter months because of the weight of the fabric, while many people opt for cotton sheet sets or cotton blends in the spring and summer months.
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Bedding Buying Tips

- Buy various bedding sets. First, it provides you the opportunity to alternate the décor of your room. Secondly, it allows you to be in accord with the seasons and desires of warmth.

- Pay close attention to the laundering instructions regarding your sheet sets, blankets, throw sheets, comforters, etc.

- Choose bedding sets with a thread count of at least 175. Anything less will make the bedding set feel very 'stiff' and may be uncomfortable for most people.

- Blankets and throws are not just for the bedroom. Consider buying multiple blankets to arrange in the family room, study, etc. to add to the room's ambiance as well as serve a practical, warming purpose.
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