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What type of baby formula is the best?

Each brand is going to strive to provide the best baby food, and each manufacturer must pass stringent FDA tests and meet the minimum nutritional requirements. In short, they are all healthy for your baby though may vary in ingredients and forms. Infant formula can come in powdered form as well as formula from a can.
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What are some types of baby formula?

Cow's milk-based baby formula -- this is the 'average' type of baby formula and used in conjunction or as an alternative to the mother's milk.

'Gentle' formula -- These infant formulas are used when the baby appears to be slightly intolerant to regular milk. The formula contains less lactose in order for proper digestion.

Lactose-free formula -- This type of baby formula is completely free of lactose for babies who are completely intolerant.

Soy formula -- Soy milk is offered as an alternative to babies who are intolerant to milk or have allergies leaving them unable to properly digest milk-based baby formula.
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What are some baby formula tips?

- It is not recommended to reheat or refrigerate unused portions of the infant formula. Prepare an amount that the baby will finish or discard any unused portions once they are finished.

- It is recommended that the water needed for mixing powdered baby formula be heated in a pot until reaching desired temperature rather than heated in a microwave. This is recommended because microwave heating can cause 'hot spots' in portions of the heated formula.

- It is not recommended to store powdered baby formula in the refrigerator. Moisture and bacteria from the refrigerator can get into the powder. In addition, the powdered baby formula may not mix well with water after refrigeration.

- It is not recommended to use opened powdered infant formula beyond one month because fats and oils begin to oxidize after this time has elapsed.

- Do not dilute infant formula in order to make a supply last longer. Follow the directions as advised on the infant formula product.
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