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Outdoor Play and Children

In an era of video games and TV cartoons, outdoor play has become even more important. Though young children are often naturally active, today there are a lot of temptations keeping them indoors. Getting kids to play outside and use their bodies actively on a regular basis helps them stay happy and healthy. Make outdoor play even more of a draw for your children by providing them with the equipment and activities they love.

Outdoor play in a child's life increases physical and mental health, and it also can contribute significantly to the child's sensory and motor development. Outdoor activities contribute to sensory learning as well; the more a child interacts with outdoor equipment, the more they'll be able to explore and learn by doing. When children play outdoors, they learn confidence and gain the capacity to try new things. Outdoor play also boosts a child's self-esteem. All the five senses can become heightened through outdoor play.

You'll find outdoor play equipment that your children will love at Sam's Club. Browse our wide range of swing sets, swimming pools, trampolines, and sandboxes to find the top names in outdoor equipment at great prices. Let Sam's Club help you make outdoor play more fun this summer.

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