Decorative Accents

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  • Nova Plus Automatic Opening Rotary Line Dryer
    Nova Plus Automatic Opening Rotary Line Dryer
    Item #: 268986 |Model #: NOVAPLUS
    $ 159 98
  • Vienna Trellis
    Price includes shipping
    Vienna Trellis
    Item #: 176662
    $ 199 86
  • The Sturbridge Lamp Post
    The Sturbridge Lamp Post
    Item #: 779397 |Model #: VA94428
    $ 99 86
  • Squiggy the Solar Squirrel
    Squiggy the Solar Squirrel
    Item #: 165413
    $ 17 98
    Limited quantity
  • Wedding Yard Stakes (Set of 3)
    Wedding Yard Stakes (Set of 3)
    Item #: 621154 |Model #: 9724765
    $ 36 98
  • Grande Trellis
    Free shipping
    Grande Trellis
    Item #: 764960 |Model #: VA68200
    $ 179 98
  • TIC GS3 8" Outdoor Omni Speaker
    TIC GS3 8" Outdoor Omni Speaker
    Item #: 30791 |Model #: GS3
    $ 78 88
  • Sammy the Solar Toad
    Sammy the Solar Toad
    Item #: 165273
    $ 17 98
  • Santa Claus Gnome
    Santa Claus Gnome
    Item #: 165341
    $ 29 98
  • Outdoor Water Solutions 20' Deluxe Windmill Aeration System
    Outdoor Water Solutions 20' Deluxe Windmill Aeration System
    Item #: 281199 |Model #: AWS0049
    $ 2,095 00
  • Sunjoy Harriman Trellis Arch
    Free shipping
    Sunjoy Harriman Trellis Arch
    Item #: 600081 |Model #: D-AB268PWD
    $ 249 98
    Limited quantity
  • Kensington Planter and Trellis
    Free shipping
    Kensington Planter and Trellis
    Item #: 764780 |Model #: VA68221
    $ 179 98
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Results  137 of  37 Page 1  of  1

Outdoor Decorating

Why outdoor decorative accents? Picture this: Your backyard, patio or front porch is just the way you like it. You’ve got the right lighting, the right furniture, perhaps even a small pond, fountain or garden. But something’s still missing. That unique touch that makes your home stand out from all the others in your neighborhood and lets you know you’ve created something that’s truly your own. Outdoor decorative accents could be the answer. Perhaps you feel that you’ve spent enough on your home and there’s no more room in the budget. Before you make that decision, you ought to check out all the great outdoor decorative accents that Sam’s Club has to offer. You’ll probably be quite surprised at how affordable they are. Especially when you see how they look on your property. Decorative accents may even increase the value of your home, paying for themselves many times over.

What kind of decorative accents are right for your home? Many people choose a windmill. You can find windmills in a variety of colors and styles, and a windmill is a familiar but stylish touch that anyone can enjoy. Another option for the front of your home is the guardian entryway lions. You’ve seen them in front of respected municipal buildings; why not get them to add to the ambiance of your home? Other options include lampposts, wall clocks, stepping stones and more.

Envision which accents will complete your home, then go to Sam’s Club and find just what you’re looking for at just what you’re prepared to pay.