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  • Montecito Leather Storage Ottoman
    Free shipping
    Montecito Leather Storage Ottoman
    Item #: 638246
    $ 249 87
  • 5 Long-Gun Concealment Bench
    Free shipping
    5 Long-Gun Concealment Bench
    Item #: 259394 |Model #: 502
    $ 149 87
  • Tacey X Base Ottoman (Assorted Colors)
    Free shipping
    Tacey X Base Ottoman (Assorted Colors)
    Item #: 885026 |Model #: 4769WT(3A)
    $ 229 87
  • Home Office Storage Ottoman
    Free shipping
    Home Office Storage Ottoman
    Item #: 397473 |Model #: 22502
    $ 179 87
  • Jessa Upholstered Storage Ottoman
    Free shipping
    Jessa Upholstered Storage Ottoman
    Item #: 865477 |Model #: DS-2117-683-147
    $ 99 87
  • Harrington Carved Bench
    Free shipping
    Harrington Carved Bench
    Item #: 942266 |Model #: 190-01
    $ 219 87
  • Harmon Storage Ottoman
    Free shipping
    Harmon Storage Ottoman
    Item #: 575809 |Model #: DS-597012
    Everyday Price $399.00
    $ 249 84
  • Seville Classics Foldable Storage Cube/Ottoman
    Seville Classics Foldable Storage Cube/Ottoman
    Item #: 757762 |Model #: 30247
    $ 19 88
  • Sahara Tufted Storage Ottoman (Various Colors)
    Free shipping
    Sahara Tufted Storage Ottoman (Various Colors)
    Item #: 472096 |Model #: SAH3917-S34
    $ 139 87
  • Storage Ottoman 17" X 17" With Wooden Feet - Brown
    Free shipping
    Storage Ottoman 17" X 17" With Wooden Feet - Brown
    Item #: 820430 |Model #: 67336043
    $ 54 87
  • Sofa Smart Austin Ottoman
    Free shipping
    Sofa Smart Austin Ottoman
    Item #: 239820 |Model #: 1695S-30-25015
    $ 169 87
  • Square Storage Ottoman W/ Lid - Espresso
    Free shipping
    Square Storage Ottoman W/ Lid - Espresso
    Item #: 820402 |Model #: 1N661
    $ 59 87
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What ottoman shapes are there to choose from?

Ottomans can take on a number of geometric shapes, yet there are three general shapes to choose from: round, square/cubed, and rectangular.


Though ottomans may be small when compared to other pieces of living room furniture, they can make a huge impact. For instance, a round ottoman situated in an otherwise angular shaped room can be very eye-catching and chic. Alternatively, rectangular ottomans can blend well with other pieces of furniture in the room, and in some cases, take the place of a coffee table. Square ottomans can serve as a footrest, yet may also have storage space for books, tea sets, blankets, etc.


What kinds of materials are ottomans made from?

Leather ottomans are very popular with consumers because of their sophisticated and clean look. Leather is a rough material and very durable in regards to tearing and wear. Leather ottomans compliment leather recliner chairs or leather couches well.


Another choice of material is presented with a microfiber ottoman. A room already may be adorned with a variety of fabric-covered furniture, so a similarly situated ottoman may make a good choice. Microfiber ottomans come in a variety of colors, so you’re sure to find something to complement the rest of the room’s pieces.


Fabric/wood-blended ottomans offer the fabulous look of wood. A little bit of wood can really change the look of a room for the better and offer a bit of variety. Wood-blend ottomans make great storage ottomans due to their tenacity of structure.


What practical offerings can ottomans provide?

Storage ottomans offer a place to covertly store items such as magazines, toys, and seasonal decorations. Storage ottomans are perfect examples of how practicality can meet beauty in manufacturing. Just as jewelry boxes can be eye-catching on a bureau and still serve a practical function for holding jewelry, an ottoman can serve this purpose as well.


As their name suggests, table ottomans can host a number of items. Table ottomans address the desire to put your feet up, yet can serve host to books and miscellaneous items as well. Some table ottomans are small enough to double as trays, so a user can eat while away from the kitchen.


Ottoman Buying Tips

  • Complement your ottoman with a throw rug. Both items are small compared to potentially larger pieces in a room, yet both can really make an impact on the look of any living space.

  • Place potpourri in a storage ottoman to create seasonal or anytime scents within the room. A device can be placed in the ottoman to give off a bouquet without being noticed.

  • There is no number limit as to how many ottomans belong in a room. Be creative with your ottoman purchases! One idea is to combine several ottomans together to create the look of a larger table, yet providing footrest space for a number of family members.