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Office Equipment

Take advantage of office machines without breaking the bank. Sam’s Club has great deals on the office supplies and gadgets you need.

Time Clocks

Keeping track of the comings and goings of a couple employees may be easy enough, but as your business grows, you’ll need a tool for time management. Select from different types of time clocks and recorders depending on how many employees will be using it and how much security is necessary. Some machines use standard time cards, some work by employee ID number and others require a fingerprint authentication to clock in. The employee’s time is tracked electronically and can sync up with your payroll software. Time management has never been so easy.

Label Makers, Binders, Shredders and Laminators

There are certain things that you could do without, but it just makes your life more difficult. Being able to conveniently print out sheets of labels from your computer is so much easier than printing on individual envelopes. And labeling things by hand will make you yearn for a nifty label maker. The money saved on supplies and labor will more than make up for the nominal fee for these handy office machines. This goes for shredders, binding machines and laminators as well. If you need to bind a few handbooks or laminate a sign or two, it may be easy enough to go to your local copy store. However, if you need to bind, shred or laminate items on a regular basis, having to go somewhere else will get expensive and time consuming. Pick up a high quality, low priced binder, shredder or laminator at Sam’s Club to start saving time and money.

Cash Registers & More

If your business has multiple transactions each day, a cash register is a must. Choose from registers with hand scanners, touch screens, or lookup functions. No matter what your business needs, Sam’s Club likely has the cash register you need.

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