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What is a Netbook?

Netbooks are small, lightweight laptop computers that are inexpensive and perfect for consumers who desire the basics like Internet, email, Microsoft office, and web-based applications. Netbooks hit the scene in 2007 and rapidly gained popularity among home computer users.

Should I get a Netbook?

If you desire Internet, email, and basic computer programs like Microsoft Word, then a netbook is perfect for you. Many computer professionals also purchase a netbook to use as a supplementary "companion" to their regular laptop. Netbooks are small and lightweight, so if you only need internet and email while traveling, then a netbook is the optimal choice.

What is the difference between a Netbook and a laptop?

Netbooks are smaller, less expensive versions of laptops. Laptops offer added features (creating/editing photos and music) and advanced components (i.e. faster processor).

View a basic outline of the differences:

 Netbook   Laptop
 Price  $100 - $500  $500+
 E-mail & Chat  Yes  Yes
 Internet  Yes  Yes
 Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Yes  Yes
 Online Music & Video  Yes  Yes
 CDs & DVDs  Some  Yes
 Gaming  Online games only  Yes
 Create/Edit Music  No  Yes
 Create/Edit Photos  No  Yes
 Storing Files  Basic  Yes

Technically Speaking…

 Netbook   Laptop
 Size  5 - 12" screen  12"+ screen
 Weight  Lighter  Heavier
 Processor  Typically 1.66 GHz  1.66 GHz and up
 Operating System  Any  Any
 Video Connection  Most have VGA  Yes
 RAM  1 or 2 GB  2 GB and up
 Storage (hard drive)  60 - 250 GB  160 GB and up
 Battery Life  3 -1 0 hours  8+ hours

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Acer Netbooks

Acer netbooks are called Acer Aspires. Out of all our brands, Acer is probably the least expensive. While Acer is an inexpensive brand, their netbooks are high-quality and very popular among consumers. Acer has been around since 1976 and ranks among the world's top five PC makers, which provides consumer confidence regarding its brand of netbooks. Many of their netbooks come with an integrated camera (which is a unique, added feature of netbooks!).

Dell Netbooks

Dell Inspiron netbooks are stylish, perform well, and are well-priced. Dell netbooks typically come with 1 GB of Ram and 160 GB of Storage (hard drive). Dell experienced tremendous growth during the 80s and 90s and today is the 2nd largest computer manufacturer in the world. Dell focuses on innovation and consistently builds computers that match consumers' needs while maintaining low prices.

Toshiba Netbooks

Toshiba offers high-quality netbooks, incredible customer service, and reasonable prices. The Toshiba NB205 netbooks are top-of-the-line, fast, and reliable. Their netbooks offer outstanding battery life, built-in Webcams, and VGA slots. Toshiba is currently the world's 5th largest manufacturer of personal computers.

Samsung Netbooks

Samsung netbooks are some of the most stylish in the netbook arena. They include the Samsung NC10, NC20, and N11012PBK. Many Samsung netbooks weigh less than 3 pounds. The battery life can reach 10 hours, which is outstanding for a netbook!

Netbook Buying Tips

Netbooks are excellent to serve in supplement to multi-faceted laptop computers. Netbooks address basic computers needs very well (email, Web browsing, Microsoft Office applications, etc.). A netbook is not recommended to those looking to reflect comprehensive functions of laptop or home computers.

Many manufacturers offer netbook models. It is recommended to purchase netbook models issued from established brands, which have earned a good name with consumers.

Netbooks come in a variety of battery sizes. Where and for how long do you intend to use your netbook? For longer periods of use, search for a netbook with a 6-cell battery configuration (lasting up to 5-6 hours).

How much storage capacity are you looking for in a netbook? Netbooks are considered great supplements to laptops, yet still address similar functions. The number of duties you intend your netbook to address should determine the accompanied storage size.

A netbook's screen size can influence its shell size. Some people prefer a larger screen while others desire a compact instrument; with a variety of netbook selections available, the choice is yours.

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