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Memory Foam King Mattresses

Although a memory foam mattress is denser and heavier than an ordinary mattress, this type of foam mattress by itself is available in varying densities. If the density of the memory foam is high, then the resistance level of the mattress will be greater resulting in a firmer mattress; the lower the density level, the softer the mattress will be. This type of mattress provides maximum contoured support than any other mattress type. Developed by NASA for optimal body support, memory foam mattresses evenly distributes your body weight and provides the support of a firm mattress while offering the comfort and cushiony feel of a soft mattress. They’re also longer lasting and have hypo-allergenic with anti-microbial properties, thus making for a great investment.

  • This type of mattress is also very easy to care for; unlike sprung mattresses, you don’t have to flip the mattress but only rotate it from head to toe every few months
  • An annual airing of your mattress can prolong its life
  • Use a mattress protector to protect it from serious stains. Carefully clean any spills or soiled spots before the stain get through the surface to the mattress

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