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Today’s TVs are light years ahead of the ones many of us grew up with, but they still present us with one very important problem: How to mount them. Sam’s Club offers affordable mounting systems that fit TVs of up to 52”, with space for your cable or DirecTV box and game system to rest easily.


You’ll also find some beautiful media cabinets with Sam’s Club, cabinets that would look great in any room and can provide a great showcase for your DVDs, CDs, videogames, or whatever you choose to store. You’ll also find functional and stylish TV consoles, beautiful wood bookshelves, and a lot more, all for much less than you would expect to pay at a retail store for such items.


Don’t let your TV sit in an old countertop and your painstakingly collected assortment of movies, music or games lie spread all over the floor. There’s a better way, and Sam’s Club is on hand to help you get there. If you’re ready to create the perfect media experience in the perfect media room in your home, let Sam’s Club help with affordable, functional and beautiful entertainment furniture today.