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Massage Table Buying Info

What kind of massage services do you offer? You must answer this first before you consider purchasing your massage table.

  • Are you in need of a portable massage table? Is the table going to rest permanently in your establishment?
  • Do you need an adjustable massage table or a stationary table?
  • Would you like a heated massage table?
  • Do you require a table with varying accessories?

Consider your budget. Are you in need of just one table or would you like several to place in your establishment? It may make sense to make a larger investment if you’re going to be in need of the table(s) for some time to come.

Depending on the services offered, it may be easier to opt for a massage table that is adjustable. Clients may differ in height -- an adjustable massage table will help you better accommodate your clients. In addition, you will want to purchase a massage table that is suitable to your build as well. If you’re a shorter person, then it may be hard to reach over a wider massage table, or properly address the client if the table has a very high height.

Massage tables offer different padding. In addition, some tables can be heated. It is important to think about functionality, so you can address client needs and comfort. Think about the thickness of the massage table’s surface. Thicker padding may last longer and be more comfortable for your clients, yet some modes of massage may warrant the need for a harder surface.

Are you in need of several massage table accessories? Some tables have extenders for taller clients. Some massage tables offer face and head rests for clients getting work performed on their back.

Do you need a portable massage table? If so, you may need a carrying case to help you transport from client to client. Sam’s Club offers a variety of portable massage table kits for your convenience.

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