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Living Room Sets

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  • Kingston Leather Living Room Set - 3 pc.

    Item  #: 118270 |Model #: KINGSTON3PC
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      $500 off

      Everyday Price$3498
      Instant Savings*$500

      Valid June 25 - July 20

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      Limit 10 per membership.
      Decorate your castle in quintessential elegance with the Kingston Leather Furniture Collection.

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    $3,498.00 Buy now
  • Lancaster Set - 4 pcs.

    Item  #: 817242 |Model #: W225-4PC
    $3,999.00 Buy now Free Shipping
  • Sedona Nailhead Living Room Set - 4 pc.

    Item  #: 497320 |Model #: 9900-20K
    $1,999.00 Buy now Free Shipping
  • Jackson Fabric Collection - 2 pc.

    Item  #: 231793 |Model #: 863-30-20
    $1,797.00 Buy now Free Shipping
  • Sierra Lodge Living Room Set - 4 pc.

    Item  #: 433070 |Model #: 8500-10K
    $2,127.00 Buy now
  • Tanner Sofa Collection - Camel - 4 pc.

    Item  #: 389249 |Model #: E13
    $1,576.00 Buy now Free Shipping
  • Chesterfield Set - 4 pc.

    Item  #: 817160 |Model #: W754-4PC
    $3,999.00 Buy now Free Shipping
  • Nolan Living Room Set - 2 pc.

    Item  #: 923677 |Model #: 32303
    $1,499.00 Buy now
  • Nolan Living Room Set - 3 pc.

    Item  #: 923568 |Model #: 32303
    $2,098.00 Buy now Free Shipping
  • Loft Leather Living Room Set - Brown - 4 pc.

    Item  #: 701393 |Model #: 5038 4 PC SET
    $3,148.00 Buy now
  • Angel Sofa Set - Khaki - 4 pc.

    Item  #: 388654 |Model #: E56044
    $1,487.00 Buy now Free Shipping
  • Hathaway Leather Living Room Set - 4 pc. - by Quest

    Item  #: 231822 |Model #: 9650-40
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      $99 Delivery

    • Vintage Craftsman style
    • Sofa
    • Loveseat
    • Chair
    • Ottoman
    • 100% top grain leather
    $3,498.00 Buy now
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Results  116 of  16 Page 1  of  1

Living Room Sets Buying Info

Enjoy great savings through the purchase of an entire living room set. In addition, you’ll know the components will look great together because they were manufactured for that exact purpose.


It is important to get a sense of your style. You may already know what you like. If not, consider some of your other home furnishings. Do you like colorful fabrics? Do you like subtle tones and plush leather? Do you gravitate towards ornate designs or prefer simple designs and color patterns? We have many styles to accommodate your preferences.


Sofa Buying Info

Sofas are one of the main components of living room furniture. Consider some factors before making a purchase decision:

  • Do you have a large family? If so, then you may need a larger, durable couch.

  • Do you want the cushions to be attached to the sofa or would you like them to be removable?

  • How about the legs of the sofa? Do you prefer the look of ornate legs or would you rather have a skirt covering the bottom of the couch?

  • How about the arms of your sofa? Would you like square, rounded, curved, low, or high arms? Many options are available; choose what look you enjoy the most.

  • What about the upholstery? Do you like fabric or would you prefer the feel of a leather couch?

Think about some other components of the living room group. Love seats, recliner chairs, coffee tables, and end tables are some of the available options.


Loveseats need consideration similar to that of a sofa. Loveseats make great complements to couches. If limited space is an issue, you may decide to purchase a loveseat to serve as your main sofa. If you have the space, it is recommended to purchase both items to ensure enough sitting area for friends and family as well as achieving the look of a living room furniture set.


A futon couch can be a great purchase idea. For one, the futons provide you with a large sitting space that is similar to a couch. Secondly, futons can convert into bedding arrangements to accommodate guests or relaxing afternoons when you would prefer to unwind and watch television.


Recliner chairs are staple items in any living room. Adding chairs to the room provides further options in arranging your room, adds a further dynamic to the living room set, and provides more seating options for friends and family members.


Should you decide to expand upon your living room set, browse other living room components offered on our site such as TV cabinets, ottomans, end tables, benches, and more. We want to help you complete your living space. We also offer deep savings on bedroom furniture and mattresses. We have everything you need at great, low prices!