Living Room Chairs

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  • Abilene Accent Chair
    Abilene Accent Chair
    Item #: 173284
    $ 195 12
  • Elmwood Arm Chair - Oyster
    Free shipping
    Elmwood Arm Chair - Oyster
    Item #: 731397 |Model #: SC9206
    Everyday Price $249.87
    $ 199 77
  • Theodore Accent Chair
    Free shipping
    Theodore Accent Chair
    Item #: 497987 |Model #: 3177
    $ 188 88
  • Sulliven Arm Chair
    Free shipping
    Sulliven Arm Chair
    Item #: 698451
    $ 699 00
    Limited quantity
  • Townsend Wing Back Chair (Assorted Colors)
    Free shipping
    Townsend Wing Back Chair (Assorted Colors)
    Item #: 698525
    $ 599 00
    Limited quantity
  • Manchester Chair
    Free shipping
    Manchester Chair
    Item #: 390437 |Model #: LA-SCB-S1-35-VC
    $ 899 00
  • Gates Accent Chair
    Gates Accent Chair
    Item #: 498023 |Model #: 149-01
    $ 164 24
  • Titan TI-8700 Massage Chair - Select Color
    Free shipping
    Titan TI-8700 Massage Chair - Select Color
    Item #: 595723 |Model #: TI-8700
    • New Lower Price
    • Price includes savings
    $ 1,899 00
  • Earl Arm Chair (Choose Color)
    Free shipping
    Earl Arm Chair (Choose Color)
    Item #: 946199 |Model #: 900102
    $ 679 00
  • Antonio Accent Club Chair - Black Bonded Leather (2 pk)
    Free shipping
    Antonio Accent Club Chair - Black Bonded Leather (2 pk)
    Item #: 794946 |Model #: LAD-608-C
    Everyday Price $349.00
    $ 264 84
  • Talley Captain's Chair with Casters (Choose Color)
    Free shipping
    Talley Captain's Chair with Casters (Choose Color)
    Item #: 88834 |Model #: TU500AB
    Release date:December 10, 2015
    $ 109 87
  • Hamilton Accent Chair
    Hamilton Accent Chair
    Item #: 497995
    $ 182 44
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Results  160 of  124 Page 1  of  3

Stylish & Affordable Living Room Chairs

Living room chairs from Sam’s Club come in a variety of styles to suit a variety of living room décor options. We know that everyone’s living room is different. Each one reflects the owner’s personal sense of style, and we want all of our customers to have the right living room chairs to go with that style. If leather furniture is the way to go for your living room, you’ll find plenty of affordable, high quality leather chairs with Sam’s Club. If you’re looking for a more modern look, we’ve got vinyl chairs in black and white, with a wide seat to provide extra comfort. You’ll also find cigar chairs, hourglass chairs, chairs with ottomans, and a lot more. If you’ve got a vision for your living room, Sam’s Club can help you make it a reality.


Of course, it wouldn’t be Sam’s Club if we didn’t keep your budget in mind, so whether you need one living room chair to complete the room or a whole set, you don’t have to worry. These chairs not only look great and feel fantastic, but they are affordable priced so that you can get however many you need without shattering your household budget.


If you’re ready to finally complete your living room with the perfect chairs at the perfect prices, find your ideal chairs and order them now with Sam’s Club.