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What’s an LED TV?

There’s lots of new television technology out there these days, including LED. So what is it? And is it right for your television-viewing needs? Let us help you get the inside scoop on LED TV technology.

The Basics of LED Televisions

An LED TV is a television that uses LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, to light up the display at the back of the TV. It uses these LEDs in place of the fluorescent CFL lighting used in other LCD TVs. LEDs are used in two ways: full array backlighting across the entire back of the TV display and for edge lighting where the LEDs are used just around the perimeter of the TV.

LED TV Features & Advantages

An LED TV tends to be thinner in comparison to other flat-screen TV sets because of its use of edge lighting. Edge, or perimeter, LED lighting allows for thinner and lighter TV construction because it uses much less space than other lighting methods. Although full array LED TV sets tend to be heaver when compared to edge lighting LED TVs, they do boast the added feature of local dimming. Local dimming allows one section of the LED TV panel to be dimmed while other sections of the TV panel remain bright, thus improving the contrast of the picture. This added advantage, however, does come at a generally higher cost; a full array back lit LED TV is usually more expensive than an edge lit LED TV.

Now that you’ve got some insight into the technology and features of LED televisions, you’re ready to start shopping for the set that’s right for you! Explore the selection of name-brand LED TVs available here at SamsClub.com to find a new television you’ll love.

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