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What do I do when my laser printer cartridge runs out?

You will experience colors fading (possibly streaking) and the black not appearing as bold as before when your toner cartridge is about to run out. In order to purchase a new laser toner cartridge, you will need to know the model number of the cartridge and the manufacturer of your laser printer. You may need to extract the cartridge from the printer in order to read the information.

How often do I need to change my toner cartridge?

This depends on frequency of use and the model of your laser printer. Businesses run through a significant amount laser printer cartridges because they often have many users utilizing one printer at the same time. Home users may go through a cartridge quickly if they are printing a multitude of colored documents.

Some consumers keep replacement cartridges in mind when purchasing their laser printer. Some printers accept few or more printer cartridges. This can be cost efficient in the long term because each cartridge holds particular colors respectively, so the user can utilize all of the colors it contains. When colors are mixed within one cartridge, the user may run out of one color used often and have to replace the entire cartridge though there were other colors still available within the cartridge. The number of accepted laser cartridges will vary amongst makes and models.

Is it okay to ‘switch’ manufacturers in regards to laser cartridges?

Some speculate that it is not a good idea to ‘switch’ manufacturers. In some instances, using a toner cartridge from a different manufacturer can void the warranty of the printer. There are some speculations that using different manufacturer supplies can cause complications with the printer.

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