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About King Waterbeds

Research shows that a normal and healthy sleeper moves about 40 to 60 times a night, but these movements are reduced if you’re sleeping on a waterbed due to the absence of pressure points on your body. Its low pressure points can alleviate pressure sores and pressure on your joints, thus making it easy for you to sleep more comfortably, leading to fewer tosses and turns and a more restful sleep. Waterbeds distribute your body weight evenly and provide optimal support as it moulds to your body shape, even when you’re sleeping on your side. People who suffer from back pain, arthritis, and asthma among other things can benefit by sleeping on a waterbed.

There are two different styles of waterbeds available: hard side waterbeds – which are the classic models with wooden frames that contain the water mattress; and the soft side waterbeds – which have a soft foam edge which holds the water mattress. There are also different types of waterbeds such as full wave, semi-wave, waveless, ultra-waveless, tubes, etc. To choose a comfortable waterbed mattress for you, you should consider various factors including whether or not you’re sleeping alone or with a partner in the bed. When sleeping alone, you have only your own personal sleep pattern to consider but when sleeping with a partner who has his or own comfortable sleeping pattern, then the dynamics change. So choose a king sized waterbed mattress that is comfortable for both of you.

A waterbed is also very easy to maintain. Use a special water conditioner which can lengthen the amount of time between water replacements and keeps the water from becoming stale. A water conditioner can also help retain the shape of the mattress for longer. To clean a waterbed, simply wipe it down with a wet cloth.

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