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Hot Plates

It’s always nice to boil water or warm up a bowl of soup on the stove, but what if a stove isn’t available? Hot plates come in handy in a variety of situations. Whether you’re a college student trying to make a grilled cheese sandwich in a dorm or you and your family are taking a trip in your RV and you need a portable cooking device, a hot plate is the answer. Sam’s Club has many options available from top brands at prices you can afford.

Depending on your needs, choose from single burner plates that fit easily in a cupboard for storage or double burner hot plates that can cook or keep warm more than one item. Double burners are available in durable die-cast or chrome finish and the solid heating elements disperse heat evenly across the surface.

If you’re entertaining and want to keep some dishes warm throughout the event, pick up a stylish, stainless steel heated surface plate perfect for tables and countertops.

Find hot plates of all kinds for all occasions at Sam’s Club today. We have durable products that are made to last, all at affordable prices.

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