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Home Theater System Buying Tips

Home theater systems are not complete without quality audio speakers. Sam’s Club offers a variety of great home audio speakers from trusted brands. Read the following content to help you make an educated purchase.


Choose home audio speakers that will be compatible with the rest of your home theatre components. Some consumers prefer to purchase all of their home entertainment components from the same manufacturer. Some models may perform better when complemented by other component models of the same manufacturer.

It is important to make sure your speakers are capable of handling the output of your receiver. For instance, your receiver may be capable of delivering a high wattage of power, yet your speaker may not be built for such power resulting in a distorted sound. Make sure you purchase home audio speakers that are in relation to your other components and listening desires.


Some home theater speaker systems come with a subwoofer and some do not. If a desired speaker system does not come with a subwoofer it does not mean it can’t be added later. Subwoofer amps deliver deep bass sounds. In addition, a subwoofer can take some of the stress away from the other speakers in the system, which would otherwise compensate for a bass sound.

What is your preference?

Some consumers purchase home entertainment systems purely in order to watch movies and television with great audio and visual quality. While other consumers purchase speaker systems in order to enjoy music. Some speaker systems may be better engineered for one over the other.


Some people have a specific budget in mind and purchase a top-of-the-line component and then attempt to be economical on the others. It may be best to maintain uniformity when buying your speakers in regards to the rest of your home entertainment system components. As referenced above with the receiver to speakers, purchasing components of different capabilities may not unlock your entertainment system’s full potential. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you can’t gradually upgrade your system -- just something to keep in mind during your home speaker system purchase.

How many home audio speakers should I purchase?

For a complete surround sound experience, you will want to purchase five to seven speakers. In addition, a subwoofer will deliver a deep, bass sound that the other speakers themselves won’t be able to quite match. Also, the amount of space in the room housing your home entertainment system can be kept in mind. Buying a smaller number of speakers to implement in a smaller space may suffice; but, you can always decide to add more speakers at a later time if you desire.

What about wireless speakers?

Wireless speakers are very popular with consumers because there is no need for aesthetic interruption of the room due to speaker wires connecting to the receiver. Wireless speakers work extremely well, delivering quality sound without the need for physical wires. When dealing with a larger room, many people opt to purchase wireless speakers to hide unsightly cords.