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Home Gym Equipment

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  • Body Solid Pro ClubLine Leg Extension Machine
    Price includes shipping
    Body Solid Pro ClubLine Leg Extension Machine
    Item #: 302263 |Model #: SLE200G2
    $ 1,839 00
  • Powerline PFID125X Folding Adjustable FID Bench
    Powerline PFID125X Folding Adjustable FID Bench
    Item #: 703646 |Model #: PFID125X
    $ 158 82
  • Apex Hyper Extension Utility Bench
    Apex Hyper Extension Utility Bench
    Item #: 654315 |Model #: JD 3.1
    $ 71 88
  • Best Fitness BFVK10 Vertical Knee Raise
    Best Fitness BFVK10 Vertical Knee Raise
    Item #: 627908 |Model #: BFVK10
    $ 176 88
  • Leg/Calf Press for EXM4000 (optional)
    Price includes shipping
    Leg/Calf Press for EXM4000 (optional)
    Item #: 703639 |Model #: LP40S
    $ 1,677 00
  • Body Solid Tools Semi Recumbent Dual Ab Bench
    Body Solid Tools Semi Recumbent Dual Ab Bench
    Item #: 767151 |Model #: GAB350
    $ 299 98
  • Leverage Seated Row
    Price includes shipping
    Leverage Seated Row
    Item #: 767079 |Model #: LVSR
    $ 1,032 00
  • Leverage Lat Pulldown
    Price includes shipping
    Leverage Lat Pulldown
    Item #: 767530 |Model #: LVLA
    $ 1,128 00
  • Marcy Mid Size Bench
    Marcy Mid Size Bench
    Item #: 654485 |Model #: MD 867
    $ 190 88
  • Stamina X Hyper Exercise Bench
    Stamina X Hyper Exercise Bench
    Item #: 398974 |Model #: 20-2015
    $ 99 02
  • Body Solid GCBT380 Cam Biceps/Triceps Machine
    Body Solid GCBT380 Cam Biceps/Triceps Machine
    Item #: 921970 |Model #: GCBT-380
    $ 427 00
  • Powerline PHG1000X Home Gym
    Powerline PHG1000X Home Gym
    Item #: 922073 |Model #: PHG-1000X
    $ 499 00
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Results  124 of  24 Page 1  of  1

Home Gym Buying Guide

  • Regular exercise coupled with a healthy diet is one of the best ways to sculpt a nice figure and maintain proper health. Many people enjoy the benefit of owning home exercise equipment due to the convenience of use.

  • There are a variety of home gyms and gym equipment to choose from to help you begin a regular routine. Many people are intimidated by remote gyms because of overcrowding, the equipment may be complicated, they have to leave their house, and other reasons. Home gyms offer an easy and convenient alternative to gym memberships. Of course, the equipment doesn’t use itself -- it requires commitment -- but home gyms make it so much easier to be on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

  • Home gyms can definitely save you money in the long run. There is only the initial cost of purchasing your gym equipment. With gym memberships, you are susceptible to increased rates, times the gym is open, availability of equipment, and so on. Not to mention travel costs to and from the gym.

  • If you consider selling your home in the future and do not want to take your home gym or fitness equipment with you, they can add value to your home. Many home buyers are intrigued by home gyms for the same reasons that you’re intrigued to purchase gym equipment to begin with -- it is great for your health.

  • Many people are concerned that a home gym will take up too much space in their home. Home gyms come in a variety of sizes, so it is easy to accommodate the space you have available.

  • The more equipment and options available on the home gym, the better it is for your health and physical conditioning. If you go to a gymnasium, you will see machines that target different muscle groups. Home gyms do the same. To get a complete workout, search for a home gym that targets all of the major muscle groups.

  • Many home gym models are large enough for multiple people to work out at the same time. A number of people choose to work with a partner in order to maintain discipline and provide conversation during and between sets.

  • Think about combining different kinds of exercise equipment. Home gyms offer a variety of weight-training exercises, but package deals can offer a combination of weight-training and cardiovascular equipment. Combining both forms of exercise can enhance the health benefits and a healthy look. Many professionals suggest combining cardiovascular activity with weight training.

Commercial Gym Equipment for the Home

Finding the enthusiasm to head down to the local gym, and then staying energetic through an effective workout can be tough, but when you can walk right into the next room and begin working shoulders, legs, back and more in minutes, the idea of regular exercise becomes a lot more appealing, and it will quickly show in your appearance, energy level and general health if you do it right. Furthermore, many pieces of commercial gym equipment cost significantly less than a year membership at a gym, and it’s likely you’ll have and use your equipment for years to come.


So what types of affordable, high quality, commercial gym equipment can you get at Sam’s Club? Many people opt for a complete multi station home gym. Not only does this product allow you to work out a variety of muscle groups for a complete workout, it is designed for multiple users at the same time, so you can make exercising a family affair. Most studies show that working out with a friend is easier and easier to stick with than working out alone, so this product could be perfect for maintaining your commitment to exercise.


There are plenty of other products you’ll love too, like ab machines and exercise bikes, so be sure to take the time to check out all the great commercial gym equipment Sam’s Club has to offer.