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Beyond Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps

Whatever cooling and heating equipment you need, Sam’s Club probably has it. We offer a variety of terrific space heaters to keep you warm just about anywhere. You’ll also find affordable electric fireplaces to make your home extra cozy during those cold winter months. Add to that fire pits, patio heaters and more, and you’ll have nothing to worry about when the cold weather comes around.


And when things get too hot, Sam’s Club has quality air conditioners and powerful fans to keep things cool, airy and comfortable no matter how hard the sun beats down on your home. You’ll also find humidifiers and dehumidifiers to help control the air moisture in your home.


Don’t suffer another minute due to uncomfortable temperature conditions because you think you can’t afford the cooling or heating equipment you need. Get it all at Sam’s Club today at prices that can easily fit your budget, and enjoy daily comfort year round in all kinds of weather.

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