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What is a GPS navigation device?

A GPS or Global Positional System aids a person's sense of direction while traveling. You can easily determine your location and map out your route from just about anywhere on the planet depending on your device's capabilities. GPS-related satellites orbit the earth, allowing user intelligence. The process allows for those with portable navigation devices and in-car GPS devices to roam the earth without the fear of getting lost.

Will GPS devices always receive a signal?

GPS signals can be interrupted or completely impeded when a direct access to an open sky is not available. This means GPS signals can be interrupted in parking garages, homes, and city landscapes where tall buildings and other edifices cause obstruction.

How does a GPS device get its power?

Most portable Global Positioning Systems come equipped with internal rechargeable batteries, so a GPS can be powered for hours on a single charge. Furthermore, most models can be plugged into a car's lighter outlet to gain power. In addition, some GPS models come with AC and DC chargers and/or computer USB cords.

Are there monthly access fees for a GPS?

No, there are no additional, monthly fees beyond the initial purchase. However, extra services are available to a GPS owner and do warrant extra, monthly fees.

Do I have to upload information into a GPS myself?

Global Positioning Systems are preloaded with maps. An owner can immediately implement their device and get instant access to desired, navigational information. However, you can load additional locations (such as your house or other points of interest) into your GPS and it will be saved to access at a later time.

Should I purchase a portable GPS or a device that is inserted into my dashboard?

It depends on your preferences. Some people like the convenience of traveling with a portable GPS because they can use it with multiple, family cars, bring it along on a ride with a friend, or use it with a rental. Alternatively, some people enjoy having it inserted in their dash to ensure it will not get lost or stolen. Although portable GPS screens are easily seen, some people appreciate the wider screens of in-dash models.

Is a GPS system a hazard? Will it deter my attention from the road?

In addition to visually showing you where to go, some GPS devices audibly direct you where to go as well, so you can always keep your eyes on the road. Further, GPS devices can provide an estimated time of the next turn, alleviating anxiety.

What if I make an error? Do I have to start all over?

No, GPS devices are very intelligent. If you miss a turn or make an error, the system will make you aware and modify its given directions to ensure you will eventually get to your intended destination.

Geography and locations will change. Will my GPS modify itself?

There are several ways to ensure your GPS device is updated with the latest, geographic information. Depending on your individual system, updates are made possible through map discs or through the ability of downloading updated maps into your GPS's built-in memory.

Leading GPS producers, such as TomTom, work in conjunction with Tele Atlas. Tele Atlas' maps are constantly renewed drawing from over 50,000 sources of authority. Social services such as the police, fire department, and rescue squad access Tele Atlas maps all the time to perform their duties in an efficient manner.

What are some GPS features?

GPS devices with a voice feature audibly alert owners of directions in addition to providing them with an on-screen visual. Furthermore, a text-to-speech option allows the GPS to be more descriptive, giving names of streets rather than prompting "left" or "right." In addition, a voice command feature enables a GPS owner to conduct a "conversation" with the device allowing for a complete hand/eye-free experience to ensure road attentiveness.

Multi-destination routing allows for multiple destinations to be logged regarding one "trip." It makes the owner aware of shortest routes, scenic routes, and overall and segmented time intervals. Also, a lane guidance feature alerts the GPS owner of congested interchanges and junctures, then alerts what option is most timely.

Can my GPS alert me and help me avoid traffic jams?

Traffic alerts and other associated, real-time information are available for most GPS devices, but may require additional fees. These features are very useful in helping owners avoid traffic jams and providing real-time alerts of time impediments. Though considered added features, they can save the owner money on gas and time.

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