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  • Diamond Accent Cross Pendant in Stainless Steel

    Item  #: 485393 |Model #: STPD2012DIA
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      This bold, classic men's design has a modern sleek interpretation.
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      Perfect for the wise woman in your life. Also perfect for the night owl in you.
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  • Posh Mommy™ Sterling Silver Personalized Large Disc Pendant

    Item  #: 262003 |Model #: 84690:1000:P
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      Personalized gifts come straight from the heart and these Posh Mommy discs are the rule without exception.

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  • Popcorn Mesh Necklace in Sterling Silver - 17"

    Item  #: 114479 |Model #: AGW117-17
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      This wide elegant mesh necklace makes a bold statement and will be a valued addition to any women's wardrobe.
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  • Sterling SIlver Rosary Set

    Item  #: 116010 |Model #: INC5421
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      A beautiful rosary necklace and bracelet matching set.
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  • Stainless Steel Beaded Rosary

    Item  #: 132389 |Model #: 116010
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      What a great gift! For a loved one or yourself.
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  • Black Crystal Elephant Pendant in Sterling Silver

    Item  #: 262995 |Model #: SM4979FECUNCSC
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      The elephant is an ancient symbol of good luck. Wear this pendant whenever you need a little extra luck.
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  • Woven Link Necklace in Sterling Silver - 18"

    Item  #: 64464 |Model #: AGW118-18
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      This necklace is classic in it's simplicity and all the more beautiful because of it. The interwoven links for a chevron pattern and have a high polished finish.
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      Cuzan By Mackech Sterling Silver Textured Pendant and Earrings Set
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  • Stardust Pendant In Sterling Silver

    Item  #: 475619 |Model #: AGP1475-18
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      An iridescent silver pendant with chain makes a most appealing addition to your jewelry collection.

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  • Sterling Silver "I Love You To The Moon and Back" Pendant

    Item  #: 297821 |Model #: 431799
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      Give the perfect gift this year and show her just how much you love her.
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      This harmoniously textured pendant sparkles with interwoven diamonds. This piece is sure to be talked about amongst your friends.
    $99.00 Buy now Free Shipping
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Results  160 of  60 Page 1  of  1


Necklaces for Every Style in Sterling Silver

There’s something special about a necklace in sterling silver. Worn close to the body and close to the heart, necklaces can be a comforting reminder of love and treasured memories, making them a truly meaningful gift. Necklaces can also be the focal point of an outfit; whether sterling silver necklaces on delicate chains or dramatic necklaces that make a statement, the right jewelry piece can create a whole new look. Sterling silver is particularly versatile for necklaces. This metal can be paired with almost any gemstone, mineral, or design. No matter what kind of style you’re looking for, you can find one of our sterling silver necklaces that is the ideal fit.