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  • Mega-Pop Popcorn Kit - 8 oz. - 24 ct.

    Item  #: 463046 |Model #: 2838
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      Each case contains 24 8-oz. Mega-Pop Popcorn kits.
    Only sold online
  • Gold Medal® 2552 - 12-14 oz. Pop Maxx Popcorn Machine

    Item  #: 164545 |Model #: 2552
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    • Produces the maximum amount of popcorn from a 15 amp, 120 volt line.
    • For great movie theatre popcorn taste every time use with item # 463060.
    Only sold online
  • Gold Medal® 2085CL - 6 oz. Popcorn Popper

    Item  #: 623220 |Model #: 2085CL
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      This 6 oz. popper is great for fundraisers, home theater, festivals, boosterclubs, c-store, catering and rental.
    Only sold online
  • Mega-Pop Popcorn Kit - 12-oz. - 24 ct.

    Item  #: 463060 |Model #: 2839
    + More details
      Make great-tasting popcorn for your next event with this Mega-Pop Popcorn Kit. The kit contains everything you need: corn, oil and salt, and requires no measuring. 24 ct., 12-oz. each.
    Only sold online
  • Gold Medal® 2404 Funpop Popper

    Item  #: 985978 |Model #: 2404
    + More details
      This 4 oz. Commercial Grade popcorn popper is great for small get-togethers, at home use, pre-school
    Only sold online
  • Gold Medal 1003S SnoKonette Ice Shaver

    Item  #: 164440 |Model #: 1003S
    + More details
    • Shaves up to 500 lbs. of ice per hour
    • Capable of 1,000 servings per hour
    Only sold online
  • Gold Medal® 2404SC "Funpop" Popper with Cart

    Item  #: 985985 |Model #: 2404SC
    + More details

      This 4-oz. commercial grade popper/cart combo is perfect for small locations or home use. It pops approximately (80) 1 oz. servings per hour.
    Only sold online
  • Gold Medal® 2388 Economy 8 oz. Popcorn Machine

    Item  #: 164531 |Model #: 2388
    + More details
      You won’t have to wait with this 8 oz. popper. It will produce a tasty snack every 3- 3.5 minutes. Approximately 160 quarts of popped corn per hour.

      One complimentary case of popcorn kits (item 463046) included
    Only sold online
  • Gold Medal Fun-Pop Popcorn Kit - 4 oz. - 36 ct.

    Item  #: 864898 |Model #: 2834
    + More details
      Fun-Pop 4 oz. popcorn kits are to be used with your 4 oz. popper.
    Only sold online
  • Gold Medal® 8323 Diggity Grill and Bun Cabinet Combo

    Item  #: 164643 |Model #: 8323
    + More details
    • Hot Dog Capacity: 36 1/4 lb hot dogs and 27 buns
    • Cooking Time:30 minutes from frozen
    • Cleaning Instructions:See Specifications
    • Volts:120
    • Watts:1350
    Only sold online
  • Gold Medal® Old Fashioned Funnel Cake Mix

    Item  #: 862964 |Model #: 5115
    + More details
      Special Formula helps sear cakes quickly. Packaged (6) 5 pound bags per case.
    Only sold online
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      Frozen drink mix comes packed in six (1/2 gallon) containers. Flavors available: grape, margarita, blue raspberry, cherry, pina colada and strawberry daiquiri

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Gold Medal Concession Supplies

If you’re thinking of purchasing Gold Medal concessions, then there are a few buying considerations you may want to keep in mind. Here’s a list of some of those considerations which can act as a basic guide to help you select the right one.

  • Check the amount of counter space you have for the concession equipment from Gold Medal Concessions. If you purchase concession equipment that is bigger than the allotted counter space, then it may cause you a few problems.
  • Ensure that the concession equipment has easy access to electricity as most concession equipment require electricity to function
  • Consider buying additional equipment that can help you place food such as fillings or toppings, as required for nachos, popcorn, hot dogs, easily.

Browse our extensive list, and find the Gold Medal concessions you need at a great price only at Sam’s Club.