Gold Jewelry and Sterling Silver Jewelry

The word gold in itself is today and has been throughout history a lure to people around the world. Gold holds an ethereal and almost magical beauty, making it a great choice for jewelry. Gold can be used to create beautiful jewelry that can adorn many parts of the body  a gold chain around a neck, gold earrings accenting ear lobes, gold bracelets for a wrist, and much more. Gold jewelry can be worn by men as well as women.

Sterling silver jewelry offers a delicate shimmer that is ideal for both casual and formal looks. Like gold, sterling silver is a versatile metal that can be used in just about any kind of jewelry.

Caring for Gold Jewelry

One of the advantages of gold as a metal for use in jewelry is the ability of gold jewelry to remain beautiful through generations. As any professional will tell you, however, the manner in which you store gold is important when it comes to preserving the maximum luster of your gold jewelry. Though gold is a lasting metal, it should be stored properly in order to keep it from becoming dull or scratched. Should your gold jewelry suffer this kind of damage, its often a good idea to take it to a professional who will clean, remove scratches, and polish the metal back to its original luster. This process of professional gold jewelry cleaning takes time, as the cleanup is done in stages. You should also be aware that the weight of the gold decreases slightly with cleaning as a bit of gold will be lost during polishing. Some types of gold jewelry are more likely to become scratched, depending on how they are worn. Because rings and bracelets are likely to come into contact with a variety of surfaces during the normal course of wear, youll want to keep a particularly careful eye on these gold jewelry pieces to keep them at their best. Gold necklaces and gold earrings, being worn on more protected areas of the body, are less likely to show signs of damage.

Caring for Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver jewelry provides a versatility of design and style as well as durability. To keep sterling silver jewelry looking its very best, however, its important to observe a few steps for maintenance. After time, some sterling silver jewelry pieces will lose a bit of shine as they become dirty or tarnished. Storing your jewelry in a clean, dry place will help prolong its beautiful appearance between cleanings. Fortunately, restoring the luster of sterling silver jewelry is quite simple. There are a variety of commercially available polishes and cloths to help you keep your sterling silver jewelry looking shiny and new.

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