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Garage Doors & Openers

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Results  121 of  21 Page 1  of  1

Garage Door Buying Info

A garage door is a large and important investment. The doors can account for one-third or more of the front exterior look of your home. The style of the proposed doors needs careful consideration. In addition, think about such things as insulation and the uses of your garage. Read on for more information regarding your purchase.


First, you need to determine the availability of space regarding the size of the garage door. Garage doors come in many sizes, so you’ll be sure to find the size you need.


Style is one of the biggest decisions you will have to make regarding your garage door installation process. Most people like to select a style that is complementary to the rest of the home’s exterior. Let’s consider some general options:

  • A flush-paneled garage door is flat with panels of little texture. These doors can blend well with the surrounding walls of the garage door and can be used to deemphasize the look of the garage door itself.

  • Raised panels give a sense of depth and uniqueness. This style is more apparent than the flush panels and can add to the exterior look of the house.

  • Short-raised panels also provide depth. Some people decide to use two shades of color when painting this style of garage door to add accentuation.

Another consideration is the composition of the garage doors. Most doors are made of either wood or steel. Wood garage doors provide you with more options because manufacturers are able to get a bit more creative with making designs in the wood more ornate. Steel garage doors tend to be more economically-priced than wood doors. Most manufacturers provide consumers with an array of color options. Alternatively, (as with wood doors) you can decide to paint the steel doors a color to match or complement your house. Do you want to have windows implemented into your garage doors? Windows can break the monotony of a plain-looking garage door. You can decide upon curved, square, rectangular, or arched windows.


In addition, steel doors may be single, double, or triple layered to make them more insulated, durable, and soundproof. These are important factors if you’re considering using your garage as extra ‘living space’ rather than a place to situate your car or other items. Garages can become a recreation room, workshop, play area, etc. With this in mind, it may provide the extra incentive to purchase a heavily-insulated door.