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Fire Pits

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  • Sunjoy Heirloom Slate Fireplace

    Item  #: 8490 |Model #: L-OF117PST-A
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      A handsome and versatile fireplace that can lend a touch of style to any outdoor living area. Bring home the Heirloom Slate Fireplace today and enjoy the warm comfort of an outdoor wood-burning fireplace.

    $449.00 Buy now
  • Sunjoy Jefferson Fire Place

    Item  #: 8317 |Model #: L-OF083PST-2
    + More details
      Transform your outdoor living area from boring to beautiful with the addition of this lovely fireplace. This fire place comes with standard features such as built in wood storage, additional shelving and removeable ash tray to make it the penultimate outdoor fireplace!
    $1,499.00 Buy now
  • Sunjoy Dixon Fire Place

    Item  #: 8334 |Model #: L-OF082PST-3
    + More details
      This stately fireplace will let you create a warm, intimate, and inviting space in any outdoor living area. Great for those who want to spend more time outside even as the seasons grow colder!
    $399.00 Buy now
  • Garden Lights Sarasota Firepit - Choose Your Color

    Item  #: 360688 |Model #: 26384
    + More details
      The Sarasota firepit provides the perfect ambiance for any outdoor gathering or event with its decorative cutouts on the firebowl.
    $145.98 See options
  • Luna Outdoor Fireplace

    Item  #: 945333 |Model #: 30087
    + More details
      Outdoor fireplace for burning wood, charcoal and artificial logs
    $89.88 Buy now
  • Sonora Chimenea Wood Buning Outdoor Fireplace

    Item  #: 945126 |Model #: 30199
    + More details
      This sturdy cast iron chimenea is hand finished with just the right touch of brushed gold to create a focal point for your next gathering.
    $139.88 Buy now
  • Big Sky Wildlife Firepit - Choose Your Color

    Item  #: 360531 |Model #: 28337
    + More details
      The Big Sky firepit provides the perfect ambiance for any outdoor gathering or event with its decorative wildlife cutouts on the firebowl.
    $134.98 See options
  • Fire Sense 30" Portsmouth Fire Pit

    Item  #: 661301 |Model #: 60904
    + More details
      This durable fire pit comes complete with finishes and accessories that will help it last for years. The 30" diameter fire bowl provides ample room for the perfect size fire to keep you and your family entertained.
    $81.98 Buy now
  • Biltmore Wood Buning Outdoor Fireplace

    Item  #: 945396 |Model #: 30360
    + More details
      Light a fire and invite friends to gather around. This sturdy and simple design features a large round bowl to make adding logs a snap.
    $99.88 Buy now
  • Colonial Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace

    Item  #: 945072 |Model #: 30275
    + More details
      Traditional styling and brushed gold finish will make this full sized fireplace the center of your outdoor gatherings.
    $159.88 Buy now
  • Super Sky Wildlife - Black

    Item  #: 360433 |Model #: 28915
    + More details
      The Super sky firepit provides the perfect ambiance for any outdoor gathering or event with its decorative wildlife cutouts on the firebowl.
    $222.22 Buy now
  • Fire Sense 35" Roman Fire Pit

    Item  #: 661336 |Model #: 60857
    + More details
      This unique fire pit features a 35" high temp antique bronze painted steel fire bowl with hammered lip, and brushed painted steel legs.
    $75.28 Buy now
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Results  143 of  43 Page 1  of  1

Choosing Your New Outdoor Fire Pit

An outdoor fire pit is a desirable outdoor option for those who enjoy being outside during all seasons. Taking in the relaxing sights and sounds of a fire along with family and friends is fun for everyone. Sam’s Club has a number of fire pit options available for you. Read the following information to help you choose the outdoor fire pit that’s perfect for your outdoor space.

The Wood-Burning Fire Pit versus the Gas Fire Pit

Many enjoy the smell and visual pleasure of wood-burning fire pits. Like indoor fireplaces, outdoor fire pits can deliver soothing experiences. There are a number of styles, makes, and sizes to choose from in wood-burning models. Some makes include copper and stainless steel for a great-looking finish. Wood fire pit styles allow for rustic, traditional, or contemporary looks, so choose according to your preference and the style of the rest of your outdoor décor.

Gas fire pits run on propane or fuel gel. Some prefer gas pits to wood-burning fire pits because there is no need to gather wood and there is no cleanup required after you’ve enjoyed your fire. In addition, gas pits can be used for tailgating parties, at the beach (where permitted), and in the woods (where permitted), so you can bring a fire with you easily to several locales. Gas pit models allow for a number of decorative options and display details.

Fire Pit Styles

Fire pit models vary depending on whether they are wood-burning or fueled by gas, of course, but there are a few other factors that differentiate various fire pit choices.

Some outdoor fire pits stand on their own and can be anywhere from about two feet to over four feet high. Wood is placed inside this type of model and can be seen through the fire pit’s doors. Some come with an ash catcher for easy cleanup and disposal.

Firebowls have an open face that creates a romantic, tranquil setting. They can be easily set near a garden, patio, or pool. Most firebowls offer a push-button igniter, and their flame levels can be controlled by a lever. Tabletop firebowls are smaller and can be placed on top of tables, cement pillars, and a variety of outdoor items. They have an electronic ignition with an adjustable valve. They are smokeless and some come with lava rocks to add visual appeal.

Fire Pit Usage and Buying Tips

Always be vigilant when building and maintaining a fire. Make sure you read all instructions before assembly and use the fire pit only as indicated.

Think about purchasing multiple fire pits to arrange in your backyard to create a truly mesmerizing ambiance. Tabletop firebowls can be arranged atop several tables or cement structures to create a pathway or to generate extra heat around a central area.

If you can’t decide between a wood-burning pit and a gas fire pit, then consider purchasing both. Each style generates more than enough heat, yet each one creates a separate viewing experience. You may find one option to be more desirable at times, depending on the season and type of gathering.