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Elliptical Machines & Steps

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  • FreeMotion® 515 Elliptical

    Item  #: 748570 |Model #: SFEL16112
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      Workout out in comfort with FreeMotion 515 Elliptical. You'll find the perfect fit with 18" to 20" adjustable stride and oversized, cushioned pedals. Each adjustment on this refurbished elliptical targets different muscle groups for better, more personalized results. 

    $899.00 Buy now
  • ProForm® 600 LE Elliptical

    Item  #: 231371 |Model #: PFEL04211
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      Get in shape fast with the ProForm® Comfort Stride Elliptical!

    $449.00 Buy now
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      The Exerpeutic 770 Pro Stride Elliptical provides a “zero impact” workout with no stress on hips, ankles and joints plus the benefit of upper body exercising with dual action arms.
    $619.00 Buy now
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      The Experpeutic 1000XL provides a "zero impact" workout with no stress on hips, ankles and joints plus the benefit of upper body exercising with dual action arms.
    $199.98 Buy now
  • Stamina Avari Free Motion Rower

    Item  #: 398812 |Model #: A350-500
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      The Avari Free Motion Rower’s unique, oar-like, full range-of-motion rowing arms give you a truer feel of rowing on the water.
    $179.98 Buy now
  • Gold's Gym CROSSTRAINER 480 Elliptical

    Item  #: 384416 |Model #: GGEL63908
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      Original Price $359

      Save: $30

      Whether it is weight loss you are looking for or a healthy, fit physique, look no further than the Gold’s Gym Stride Trainer 480 elliptical. You'll maximize your workout time with all the added features on this front drive elliptical. And, because it's from Gold's Gym, you know it has everything you need to get a gym-quality workout at home.

    $329.00 Buy now
  • Reebok® R 5.10 Elliptical

    Item  #: 748556 |Model #: RBEL15911
    + More details

      Reach your weight-loss goal fast with the Reebok® R 5.10 Elliptical. Compatible with iFit® Technology, this elliptical delivers workouts Powered by Google Maps™, training with Jillian Michaels, competitions with iFit® community members worldwide and online tracking.

    $599.00 Buy now
  • FreeMotion® 545 Elliptical

    Item  #: 748549 |Model #: SFEL59912
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      Personalize your workout with the FreeMotion® 545 Elliptical. Featuring incline up to 20°, the Total-Body Toning Ramp adjusts your incline to activate different muscle groups and burn five times the fat!&

    $949.00 Buy now
  • FreeMotion® 530 Elliptical

    Item  #: 748591 |Model #: SFEL51011
    + More details

      Personalize your workout with the FreeMotion® 530 Elliptical. Featuring incline up to 20° and the new, revolutionary feature—decline—to -10°, the Total-Body Toning Ramp adjusts your incline and decline to activate different muscle groups for incredible results!

    $899.00 Buy now
  • ProForm 18.0 RE Elliptical

    Item  #: 254561 |Model #: PFEL59911
    + More details
      • 15° to 40° incline ramp
      • 24 workout apps
      • iFit Live™ compatible
      • 22 quick resistance levels
      • 7” backlit display
    $949.00 Buy now
  • Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Rower

    Item  #: 398932 |Model #: A350-700
    + More details
      Indoor rowing is an efficient, effective total body workout that utilizes all major muscle groups including the back, legs, arms, abdominals, and buttocks. It is also one of the most effective low-impact aerobic exercises for increasing your metabolism for more efficient calorie and fat burning without the impact on your joints.
    $579.00 Buy now
  • Stamina Avari E705 Programmable Magnetic Elliptical

    Item  #: 398876 |Model #: A550-705
    + More details
      The Avari® E705 Programmable Magnetic Elliptical has earned the Ease-of Use Commendation. The Arthritis Foundation’s Ease-of-Use Commendation recognizes products proven to make life easier for people who have arthritis and other physical limitations.
    $415.00 Buy now
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Results  128 of  28 Page 1  of  1

Elliptical Machine Buying Tips

Owning an elliptical machine is a practical solution to adding exercise to your regular routine. Sam’s Club offers a variety of machines at affordable prices. Read the following information to aid you with your elliptical trainer purchase.

  • Many people purchase elliptical trainers for their home rather than purchasing a gym membership. Gym membership costs are continual; visiting a gym is limited to hours of operation; equipment is shared at gyms, which can limit availability of machines; and so on. Owning an elliptical trainer eliminates all of the issues that go along with gym memberships, yet all of the benefits remain.

  • Elliptical machines lessen stress on your ankles, knees, feet, and hips. This dramatically reduces the chance of inflicting injuries or experiencing pain as a result of working out.

  • Many ellipticals include bars or handles so you can incorporate an upper-body workout to complement your lower-body exercise. Not only do you involve more muscle groups in the exercise, but you are experiencing a higher level of cardiovascular exercise and burning more calories.

  • Elliptical machines naturally enhance bone density and muscle growth. Other types of exercise equipment do not allow you to develop such levels of bone density.

  • Elliptical trainers are very compact, so they will not take up a lot of room in your home. Some people are hesitant to purchase equipment because of space, however, ellipticals can be tucked in a corner when not in use and almost unnoticeable.

  • Many machines at the gym are complicated and difficult to use. Elliptical machines are simple to use. The machines begin when you begin your motions and stop when you stop.

  • Many machines have various available settings, so you can make your workout as easy or difficult as desired. There is no need to begin heavy workouts right away. Elliptical machines will help increase your stamina so you can steadily increase difficulty in relation to how often you use your machine.

  • Many people opt to place their elliptical machines in front of their televisions or stereos so they can be entertained during their workout.

  • Some ellipticals come with handrails to ensure proper safety when in use. In addition, it is recommended to wear sneakers that are conducive to physical activity.

  • Ellipticals are a part of a cardiovascular workout. Many professionals suggest complementing a cardio workout with other forms of fitness training such as weight training. Sam’s Club also offers a variety of home gyms and fitness equipment.

  • Steppers are very popular with those who exercise. Steppers offer a great cardio workout similar to an elliptical machine because the body’s motions are very similar. Steppers can come with height adjustments to allow for an increase in the intensity and difficulty of your stepper workout.