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Welcome to your Instant Savings Account page.

When browsing your Instant Savings list, you can view your Instant Savings a number of ways –ALL, CURRENT, or UPCOMING Instant Savings. Use the date sort feature to view by Expiration or Available date so you don’t miss out on any savings.

For more product information on any of your Instant Savings items, click on the item’s description link.

To create your shopping list - check the boxes at the left of each item or ‘select all’.

You can print or email your shopping list by clicking the appropriate link at the bottom of the page.
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Welcome to your Instant Savings page. View and manage your savings offers, print them or send them to your email or smart phone. To redeem the Instant Saving, just go to any Sam's Club while the offer is valid, have the cashier scan the item at the register and you'll automatically receive the Instant Saving. No clipping or cutting coupons necessary. For more information,  read our Sam's Instant Savings FAQs

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My Instant Savings Summary

*Your Instant Savings Account Summary reflects the minimum savings available. In some instances, your actual available savings may exceed the amount shown in the Account Summary due to percent off offers, Club specific offers and multiple redeemable offers (offers that can be used multiple times as specified) that aren’t included in the summary. Your Instant Savings Account Summary totals and values will update approximately one hour after you have redeemed an Instant Savings.

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