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Diapers, Training Pants & Baby Wipes Buying Guide

Diapers are an essential part of a parent's life and continue to be so until their child is completely potty trained. As your child starts growing older, there are various indications that can tell you that your child is now ready to be potty trained. Let your child set his or her own pace to be potty trained while you encourage your child with positive reinforcements such as training pants.

About Training Pants

Training pants are designed to help your child get potty trained. Training pants can be put on or taken off easily. Unlike diapers which are unisex, training pants are specifically available for girls or for boys. There are different types of training pants available, including:

  • Disposable training pants – meant for toddlers who are just being initiated into potty training. This type of training pant can also be used if you want to teach your child how to pull their pants up and down.
  • Disposable trainer pants or potty training pants – meant for toddlers who are in the process of potty training and need an indication to let them know when they've wet themselves. Here, the training pants may have an inner liner that has less absorbency than regular diapers so that your toddler will know when he or she feels wet, or the training pants may have a design that changes colors to indicate it needs to be changed.
  • Reusable training pants – these training pants are like regular innerwear made of fabric, but have microfiber terry pad or similar type of liners to offer protection when little accidents happen.
  • Night time pajama pants – meant for older children who tend to wet their bed at night.

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