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What Factors Should You Consider Before Purchasing a Crib?

All new cribs should meet the federal government mandated standards

  • Consider cribs with simple and basic lines with no cutouts or scrollwork in the headboard or footboard

  • Consider buying a new crib instead of an old one. Older cribs may not meet the current safety standards, and may have weakened hardware through constant hard use

  • Check the space between the crib slats in the specification. The distance between the crib slats should not be more than two inches in width

  • Ensure there are no sharp edges or protruding nuts and screws that could be a potential danger to your child

  • Purchase a crib mattress along with the crib to ensure they’re a perfect match

  • Once the crib is ready to be used, practice safe sleeping for your baby. Don’t smother your baby with blankets or comforters as he can get easily entangled in them.

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