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Multipurpose Copy Paper

If you’re responsible for your office budget, you probably hate to pay for copy paper, but it’s necessary to keep your office moving. However, when you order your paper from Sam’s Club, not only do you get great paper fast, but you get considerable savings, which can really add up and positively affect your bottom line over time.


If you’re looking for traditional copy paper, you’ll find 20lb. weight, 92 bright, letter size paper by the case at Sam’s Club. It’s important that your paper have some heft so that your documents don’t tear and even so that they are taken seriously, and they need to be bright enough that you can see the information clearly without being too bright. That’s exactly what you get with Sam’s Club copy paper.


Sam’s Club also offers multipurpose paper that’s great for inkjet printers, laser printers, fax machines, and copiers, and really shines when you need to print out colored charts or graphs. You’ll also find paper designed specifically for laser jet printing at Sam’s Club.


So don’t settle for second rate paper, and don’t order your paper supply from a retail outlet or paper store. Sam’s Club can get you all the paper you need, cheaply and quickly, so that you can print or copy beautiful document after beautiful document and keep your office running like a charm, so order today.