Child Care Health Supplies

Sam’s Club carries a wide variety of child care health supplies to prepare you for any situation that may occur at school or on the playground.

First Aid Kits & Supplies

Come to Sam’s Club for emergency first aid kits and first aid medical supplies for your school. Whether you need a one-person, two-person, 10-person or 50-person first aid kit, you’ll find what you need to be prepared for emergencies, disasters or just everyday cuts and scrapes. And don’t forget to replenish or supplement your first aid kits with antiseptic creams and ointments at affordable prices.

Diapers, Training Pants & Wipes

You’ll find the diapers, training pants and baby wipes your students need for their day at school. Our absorbent, disposable diapers come in sizes for newborns, infants and toddlers. Choose from disposable and reusable potty training pants for boys and girls for daytime and naptime use. Training pants come in easy pull-up, side opening, under pajama and underwear styles with fun colors and designs that encourage young potty-trainers to take that next step.

Monitors & Defibrillators

Modern monitors and defibrillators can help save the lives of students who suffer from a sudden cardiac event at school. Monitor the blood pressure, heart rate and blood oxygen saturation of your students with an accurate blood pressure monitor and pulse oximeter from Sam’s Club. Defibrillators can restart the heart of a student who collapses during physical activity. Our defibrillator package is safe, easy-to-use and reliable for sudden cardiac arrest and CPR.

Bandages, Prep Pads & Gauze Sponges

Treat those everyday cuts, scrapes and bruises in the schoolyard or classroom with a handy supply of alcohol prep pads and cotton balls. Sam’s Club also offers sterile flexible and stretch bandages and absorbent gauze sponges in a variety of sizes for cleaning, covering and protecting the wounds on little knees, elbows and wherever ouches happen.


Keep an eye on a sick child’s temperature with accurate and reliable digital thermometers from Sam’s Club. Take temperature readings by mouth, ear or on the forehead with our quick, effective and convenient thermometers.

When it’s time to stock up on child care personal supplies, Sam’s Club has great deals on the items you need.

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